Alaska Weighted Emissions Potential/Area of Influence Analysis Plots

WEP/AOI plots are available for 4 IMPROVE sites in Alaska that represent the potential contribution of 2016 emissions for 3 Class I areas (CIAs; Denali, Tuxedni and Simeonof). For each IMPROVE site there are three sub-directories containing the various analysis products based on back trajectories from the IMPROVE sites on the 20% Most Impaired Days (MID). In addition, plots of the Gridded 2016 emissions from EPA’s CMAQ modeling used in the analysis are provided in a separate directory. For the TUXE1 and KPBO1 sites, there are additional WEP/AOI analysis conducted using back trajectories from the two IMPROVE sites for the 20% highest sulfate extinction days (20pctHigh_SO4), 20% highest nitrate extinction days (20pctHigh_NO3) and 20% highest Coarse Mass extinction days (20pctHigh_CM). The directory structure is shown below where the IMPROVE site CIA names fall under either the MID, 20pctHigh_SO4, 20pctHigh_NO3 or 20pctHigh_CM folders.

  1. CIA = Class I Areas
    1. EWRT = Extinction Weighted Residence Time
    2. RT = Residence Time
    3. WEP = Weighted Emissions Potential
  2. EMISSIONS = Gridded 2016 emissions used for the WEP analysis
    1. NOX = Nitrogen Oxides
    2. SOX = Sulfur Oxides
    3. POA = Primary Organic Aerosol
    4. PEC = Primary Elemental Carbon
    5. CPRM = Primary Coarse Mass

For more information on these products and links to the Alaska facility-level WEP and PSC products, please refer to the Alaska WEP/AOI And PSC Analysis.