Q/D Analysis

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Data and Tools

A database application was developed for facilitating regionally-consistent western U.S. Regional Haze source screening to assist in determining which emission sources might potentially require Reasonable Progress controls.

The results in this application utilize the 2014 NEIv2-based emissions data as documented in the Summary Document and as applied in the WRAP 2014 Shakeout v1 Modeling Platform. The tool is implemented as both a Microsoft Excel application and a Microsoft Access database application. Either version of the tool can be downloaded in its entirety by right-clicking on one of the links below and choosing "Save link as..." from the resulting context menu:

Other Documents and Resources

This memorandum is for reference when screening sources for Reasonable Progress controls after evaluating Q/D analysis results. The memorandum provides a list of criteria to consider when evaluating permitted stationary sources with existing controls, in order to approximate if the controls are stringent enough to screen out the source from consideration for further controls.