WRAP/WAQS Regional Haze Modeling Scenario Specification Sheets

June 19 update: Listed below are current technical descriptions of Regional Haze modeling. These Modeling Scenario Specification Sheets define modeling simulations conducted using the Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)/Western Air Quality Study (WAQS) Regional Haze photochemical grid modeling platform:

Modeling Scenarios for Estimating Reasonable Progress Goals

  • Representative Baseline and 2028OTB: Representative Baseline emissions scenarios represents emissions from the 2014-2018 period including using representative fire emissions developed by the Fire and Smoke Work Group (FSWG). Two 2028 On-the-Book emissions scenarios are being developed with 2028OTBa using the FSWG representative baseline fire emissions and 2028OTBb using the 2014 actual fire emissions.
  • Dynamic Evaluation 2002 Simulation: The 2014v2 U.S. anthropogenic emissions are being backcast to 2002 and a CAMx 2002 simulation conducted in order to compare modeled and observed changes in visibility between the 2000-2004 Baseline and the 2014-2018 5-year planning periods.

Source Apportionment and Sector Contribution Modeling