Federal Lands List

This is a list of lands that are owned or administered by the Federal government. National parks, wilderness areas, national wildlife refuges, military reservations, and public-domain land are all examples of lands owned or administered by the United States Federal Government, which is responsible for managing and protecting these lands to preserve the resources of the United States, to conduct the business of the Government, and to provide recreational and other opportunities to the public. This list was adapted from the US Federal Lands geospatial data layer obtained from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Data Service.
AreaStatesAgenciesCoincident AreasMap
Acadia National ParkMENPS 
Arches National ParkUTNPS 
Badlands National ParkSDNPSBadlands Wilderness
Big Bend National ParkTXNPS 
Biscayne National ParkFLNPS 
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National ParkCONPSBlack Canyon of the Gunnison Wilderness
Bryce Canyon National ParkUTNPS 
Canyonlands National ParkUTNPS 
Capitol Reef National ParkUTNPS 
Carlsbad Caverns National ParkNMNPSCarlsbad Caverns Wilderness
Channel Islands National ParkCANPS 
Congaree National ParkSCNPSCongaree National Park Wilderness
Crater Lake National ParkORNPS 
Cuyahoga Valley National ParkOHNPS 
Death Valley National ParkCA-NVNPSDeath Valley Wilderness
Denali National ParkAKNPSDenali Wilderness
Dry Tortugas National ParkFLNPS 
Everglades National ParkFLNPSMarjory Stoneman Douglas Wilderness
Gates of the Arctic National ParkAKNPSGates of the Arctic Wilderness
Glacier Bay National ParkAKNPSGlacier Bay Wilderness
Glacier National ParkMTNPS 
Grand Canyon National ParkAZNPSGrand Canyon National Park Wilderness Study Area; Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument
Grand Teton National ParkWYNPS 
Great Basin National ParkNVNPS 
Great Sand Dunes National ParkCONPSGreat Sand Dunes Wilderness
Great Smoky Mountains National ParkNC-TNNPS 
Guadalupe Mountains National ParkTXNPSGuadalupe Mountains Wilderness
Haleakala National ParkHINPSHaleakala Wilderness
Hawaii Volcanoes National ParkHINPSHawaii Volcanoes Wilderness
Hot Springs National ParkARNPS 
Isle Royale National ParkMINPSIsle Royale Wilderness
Joshua Tree National ParkCANPSJoshua Tree Wilderness
Katmai National ParkAKNPSKatmai Wilderness
Kenai Fjords National ParkAKNPS 
Kings Canyon National ParkCANPSSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness
Kobuk Valley National ParkAKNPSKobuk Valley Wilderness
Lake Clark National ParkAKNPSLake Clark Wilderness
Lassen Volcanic National ParkCANPSLassen Volcanic Wilderness
Mammoth Cave National ParkKYNPS 
Mesa Verde National ParkCONPSMesa Verde Wilderness
Mount Rainier National ParkWANPSMount Rainier Wilderness
North Cascades National ParkWANPSStephen Mather Wilderness
Olympic National ParkWANPSOlympic Wilderness
Petrified Forest National ParkAZNPSPetrified Forest National Wilderness Area
Redwood National ParkCANPS 
Rocky Mountain National ParkCONPS 
Saguaro National ParkAZNPSSaguaro Wilderness
Sequoia National ParkCANPSSequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness
Shenandoah National ParkVANPSShenandoah Wilderness
Theodore Roosevelt National ParkNDNPSTheodore Roosevelt Wilderness
Virgin Islands National ParkVINPS 
Voyageurs National ParkMNNPS 
Wind Cave National ParkSDNPS 
Wrangell-Saint Elias National ParkAKNPS 
Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and PreserveAKNPSWrangell-Saint Elias Wilderness
Yellowstone National ParkID-MT-WYNPS 
Yosemite National ParkCANPSYosemite Wilderness
Zion National ParkUTNPS