IMPROVE Data and Metadata - Express Tools

The tools below provide access to the full collection of data and metadata from the Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments (IMPROVE) program. The IMPROVE program monitors pollutants and generates metrics to identify sources and causes of regional haze at all Class 1 Areas in the U.S. There are several distinct subsets of IMPROVE data, including raw aerosol measurements, calculated variables, light extinction parameters, and Regional Haze metrics for the haziest, most impaired, and clearest visibility days. Access to these datasets is provided in part by the tools below.
These express tools provide the quickest and most direct way to generate data products. They are designed with a very basic user interface (UI) in order to be simple and straightforward to use. Each numbered row/item below represents a single tool that produces a unique report. Make your selections from the dropdown menus and then click the Submit button to generate your results. You can mouse-over the hyperlinked tool names in the "Product" column in order to get a brief description and preview of the tool's output. Because new tools will be added over time and old tools periodically retired, you should not depend upon the sequential numbering of the tools in order to reference them. If you wish to obtain or share a unique reference to an individual tool, you can click on the tool's sequence number in the "#" column for a popup window that displays the tool's unique ID and Code, values that will remain unchanged even if the tool's sequence number changes. To save or share a link to a specific instance of a tool's output report, first make your selections from the tool's menus and then click on the link icon in the "URL" column to obtain the full URL to the associated report, which is considered a "permalink" that can be used as an embedded hyperlink in documents, web pages, and papers.

IMPROVE Aerosol - Raw Data
# Product Filters URL Actions
1 IMPROVE Aerosol - All Major Parameters (wide)
Start Year:
End Year:
Missing Values:
File format:
2 IMPROVE Aerosol - N Parameters (skinny)
Missing Values:
File format:
IMPROVE RHR3 (Impairment Metrics) - Raw Data
IMPROVE RHR2 (Haze Metrics) - Raw Data