Three-State Study Technical Workshop


Colorado State University – Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)



May 29-30, 2013

Wednesday 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM and Thursday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM


For those who can’t attend in person, use the following conference line

877-939-7952  200753#


Goal – The first half of the workshop will report on the work completed to date by Zac, Shawn, and myself through our Cooperative Agreements, feedback from the recent 3SAQS Leadership Team and Steering Committee meetings on the Study activities, and Greg Frost from the NOAA CIRES in Boulder will brief us about NOAA observational and other air quality studies related to O&G.   The second half of the workshop will focus on the reviewing the plans for June-September 2013 technical work.




Wednesday May 29


9:00 AM    Welcome and introductions, Agenda review and order lunches


9:15           Summary of feedback on schedule / deliverables related to ongoing 3SAQS technical work from April 11th Governing Board/Leadership Team meeting – Mike George


9:45           Summary status of 3SAQS Technical Work completed to date via Cooperative Agreements and related projects


o   Data ingestion, processing, updates, metadata, tools, displays, website, staffing, etc. – Shawn and Zac

§  Status of Technical Work,
October 2012 - May 2013
( Will also be used for the 1:15pm and 3:15pm discussions )

o   WestJumpAQMS outputs and remaining Summer 2013 deliverables – Tom

§  WestJumpAQMS Remaining Dates and Deliverables

§  Gantt Chart (CESU_Gantt_23May2013_rem_zea.docx)


10:45         Observational studies of trace species in Uintah and Denver-Julesburg basins, and related NOAA projects – Greg Frost, NOAA CIRES, Boulder

§  NOAA research to understand and quantify the atmospheric impacts of oil and natural gas operations (PowerPoint) and (PDF)


~12:00 PM        Lunch on your own (for those of you not bringing your own lunch, we will have a “delivered sandwich” option that you can order and pay for a the beginning of the meeting)


12:30         Monitoring Network Assessment task status report – Tom


1:15           First 3SDW modeling use case report and results

o   Shawn and Zac - background

o   Mike B. – process, lessons learned, next steps (PowerPoint)

o   Gail T. – process, lessons learned, next steps (pending results) (PowerPoint)


2:15           Status of 3SAQSbase08 emissions and modeling activities - Zac


3:00           Break


3:15             Summer (June – October) 2013 3SAQS Technical Work Review


o   Review task outline/schedule – Tom


o   Discuss elements of June-October technical work with Technical Committee – Zac and Shawn


§  Emissions, Meteorology, and Air Quality Modeling data development, testing, quality assurance – Zac and Ralph Morris, ENVIRON


·         Development of 3SAQS 2011 base year emissions data

o   Ralph (WRF_Protocol_May29_2013v2.pptx)

o   Ralph (OG_2011_2030_May29_2013v3.pptx)

o   Draft 3SAQS WRF 2011 Modeling Protocol (Word) and (PDF) – comments due by June 10th

o   Zac (to follow)

·         Review opportunities for leveraged datasets from outside projects for regional modeling

§  Future projections from base year

§  Air quality modeling activities

·         Discuss and recommend 3SAQS modeling domain

·         Pilot modeling analysis of cumulative impact modeling with source apportionment

·         2011 air quality modeling work


§  Data Warehouse Activities – Shawn


·         3SDW on-line for NEPA air quality analysis projects by end of October

·         Out-bound data delivery and in-bound data ingestion for NEPA and other air quality studies

§  Data warehouse operations (hosting, data analysis and processing, maintenance, et cetera)

§  Plans for storage/access/visualization for modeling results and evaluation tools

§  Store UT BLM ARMS and other studies’ data in 3SDW after evaluation using protocols


o   Training and technical support for 3SAQS cooperating agencies


§  3-State Data Warehouse (3SDW) Operational Protocols – May 2013 (Word) – comments due by June 14th


~430                Adjourn for the day


Thursday May 30


8:30 AM    Review remaining agenda


8:40           Continue discussion of remaining agenda items above from Wednesday end point for Summer (June – October) 2013 3SAQS Technical Work Review, continued – Zac, Ralph, and Shawn


10:00         Break


10:15         Complete review of Summer (June – October) 2013 3SAQS Technical Work – Zac, Ralph, and Shawn


11:30         Action Items, Next Technical Workshop – Tom


12:00         Adjourn workshop