Three-State Air Quality Study Technical Workshop


Meeting Location:

Directors Conference Room, Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, Colorado State University


February 25, 2015

Tuesday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time


For those who can’t attend in person, use the following conference line

1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721




Wednesday February 25th 


8:30 AM          Welcome and introductions, lunch orders ($11 cash/person)


8:40                 Agenda review


8:45                 Presentation and discussion of first draft EPA Model Performance Evaluation checklist – Rebecca Matichuk and Gail Tonnesen (*.docx)


9:45                 Break


10:00               Review of updated 2011a Model Performance Evaluation results – Zac Adelman and Ralph Morris (*.pptx)


11:30               Discuss recommendation for approach to release 2011a platform – Tom (*.docx)


12:00 PM         Break (meeting re-starts after everyone has their lunch in front of them)


12:15               Review WRF Winter Modeling Progress

                                    WRF Winter Modeling – Towards Improving Cold Air Pools; Jared Bowden and Kevin Talgo, UNC (*.pptx)


12:45               Review and discussion of progress and remaining work on current scope of regional modeling effort

                                    3SAQS Phase II -- Task 2:  2011 Source Apportionment Modeling Study Design (UNC/Environ; *.pptx)

                                    3SAQS Phase II 2015 – Revised Schedule and Remaining Work (UNC/Environ; *.pptx)


2:00                 Progress report on Data Warehouse


Rodger Ames (*.pptx)

·         Overview of DW development: 2014 accomplishments; 2015 goals

·         Overview of DW documentation

·         Summary of DW projects


3:00                 Break


3:15                 Progress report on Data Warehouse, continued


Dustin Schmidt (*.pptx)

·         Data request form; project and data request lifecycle

·         Data Request fulfillment TFS

·         Data transfer technologies

·         Visualization tools for gridded data


Shawn McClure (*.pptx)

·         DW hardware; current and future requirements

·         Tool development

o    Emissions browser, Model-to-obs, ENVIRON SA tool, Vision for future GIS integration


 4:30                Meetings and calls schedule – Tom Moore


5:00                 Adjourn