IWDW Emissions Inventory Browser - 2016 EMP

This site displays emissions inventories developed by the Inventory Collaborative for the 2016 Emissions Modeling Platform (EMP). Select emissions sectors, pollutants and modeling platforms/scenarios, then press the Update button to refresh the charts and map. The tab name for the bar charts below indicates the respective chart's x-axis. The map shows either state or county emissions totals for a single platform or platform comparison. The 2016 beta platform base and future year reflect county level SMOKE reports updated on 04 April 2019. Modeling platform descriptions and instructions for using this tool are available here. Note: Biogenics are not included in beta scenarios 2023ff and 2028ff.
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If the "Update" button is colored red, press it to refresh the chart and map views.

The buttons below update the charts and map without pressing the "Update" button.
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Tip: Click on a chart series legend item to add/remove the series from the chart.


Tip: Click on a chart series legend item to add/remove the series from the chart.


Tip: Click on a state (on the map, below) to display emissions totals for the selected state. The selected state also updates the county chart.


Tip: Click on a county or state (from the state or county map, below) to display county level emissions for that state. Click on a county(from the county map) to show emissions for the selected county. The county chart is refreshed by a map selection (not the "Update" button).

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