3SAQS Technical Committee call / web review - Tuesday May 6th - 1000 AM to 100 PM


Call 1-888-394-8197 and use access code 299990




Brief Technical Committee on documentation, modeling and emissions work, and status of Data Warehouse development.  We will be asking for Technical Committee volunteers to engage in small working groups on specific topics related to these topics.  We will also schedule the next Technical Committee call to occur in the second half of June, on this May 6th call.


Agenda Topics


1.      Welcome and Roll Call


2.      Review of 3SAQS Schedule Update of April 29, 2014 (doc)


3.      Technical Presentation for Items 3a through 3e  (ppt)


a.       Final 3SAQS 2008 Emissions and Air Quality Modeling Protocol (pdf) and Response to Comments (pdf)


b.      Draft 3SAQS 2011 Emissions and Air Quality Modeling Protocol (doc)


c.       Final 3SAQS Methane inventory memo (pdf) and Response to Comments (pdf)


d.       NEI-based 2008 to 2011 to 2020 inventory comparison methodology and timeline to release memo


e.       Status Reports


o   2008 3SAQS Base Case CAMx Evaluation report

o   3SAQS_WRF_Base11a Evaluation report

o   CAMx 2011 Base Case (3SAQS_CAMx_Base11a)

o   2020 Emissions Inventory version A and associated SMOKE modeling


4.      Priorities for Phase II Oil & Gas Emissions work to be completed by Sept. 2014 review (doc)


5.      3SDW development efforts and engaging with Technical Committee members throughout the Summer of 2014 (ppt)


6.      Scheduling a Technical Committee call in the second half of June.