Intermountain West Data Warehouse / Western Air Quality Study


Technical Committee meeting


CIRA, 3785 Laporte Avenue, Fort Collins, CO



September 23, 2015 – 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM MDT


call 1-800-768-2983 and use access code 4918837


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8:30 AM          Welcome, roll call, agenda review, lunch orders for delivery ($11 cash/person) (Tom Moore)


8:45                 Review Modeling work (Zac Adelman and Ralph Morris) (*.ppt)

·         Review tasks stopped, changed, and added at Oversight Committee direction (*.docx)

·         Close the loop on the completed tasks


Overview of findings and planned reports on recently completed tasks (Zac Adelman and Ralph Morris) (*.pptx)

·         Winter Regional Ozone Modeling

·         MOVES-2014

·         2011a Source Apportionment

·         Available 2011b MPE results


10:15               Break


10:30               EPA work on speciation (Gail Tonnesen) (*.pptx)


11:15               Projections (Zac, Ralph, Amnon Bar-Ilan by phone) (*.pptx)

·         Categories – which are projected vs. held constant

·         Which categories are provided from EPA platforms?

·         Which categories are projected within the WAQS effort?

·         Where are we with certainty-completeness-accuracy on the WAQS O&G projections?

o   Go with current 2020 O&G projections

o   Do Basin/State percentage adjustments to existing 2020 projections to create “revised ~2025 projections”

o   Need to develop new baseline year and brand new projections ~2025


12:00 PM         Break (lunch delivered for those who ordered, meeting re-starts after everyone has their lunch)


12:15               Projections, continued (Tom)


·         Emissions work roundtable discussion – decisions on remaining modeling


1:30                 Data Warehouse operations and tool development (Rodger Ames, Dustin Schmidt, Shawn McClure) (*.ppt)


3:00                 Break


3:15                 Data Warehouse, continued


4:00                 Technical Committee calls/meetings, IWDW-WAQS outreach


4:30                 Adjourn