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DW Utilities

This page details the installation and configuration of various data and user management utilities installed on the warehouse file servers. All of these utilities are stored in a git repositories hosted on bitbucket. All of these repositories belong to a group project on bitbucket called IWDW. The IWDW landing page on bitbucket is here:

Each repository may have a specific wiki hosted on bitbucket. This page provides a description of each system and the steps to install and configure them.

Configure Utilities Directory

Linux IP Blocker

This system consists of a script and cron job which scans a security log for repeated login attempts and blocks the source ip address in iptables


Clone git repository

cd /var/DWUtils/
git clone
mv ./linuxipblocker/ IPBlocker

Activate cron job

0 * * * * /var/DWUtils/IPBlocker/

File System Scanning

cd /var/DWUtils/
git clone
cd FileSystemScanner
mkdir pyFSScan
cd pyFSScan
git clone

Cron Overview

0 19 * * * /var/DWUtils/FileSystemScan/
0 22 * * * /var/DWUtils/FileSystemScan/
0 23 * * * /var/DWUtils/FileSystemScan/
0 * * * * /var/DWUtils/IPBlocker/
@reboot /var/DWUtils/FTPAccount/