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2016-03-28 tools workgroup

Date: March 28, 2016
Time: 1:00-2:30 PM MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837

IWDW Tools Workgroup


Tools wiki Meeting minutes and agendas
Tools workgroup forum IWDW Forum topic on tool development

Current tools

The Data page on the IWDW website provides links to the tools:
  • Emissions Review
  • Source Apportionment (2008b)
  • Model-to-Observation Comparison
  • Model Performance Evaluation Plots
  • Summary Reports

Recent additions

Development tools

  • Emissions GIS
    • County level pollutant map: demo
    • Source category pie chart map overlays:demo
  • MPE metrics: link


1. Review minutes from previous call

2. Status of current tools

  • Will follow up with revised document. See IWDW Phase I summary below.

3. IWDW tools planning documents

4. IWDW Phase I (visualization) tools

  • ERT
    • Stacked bar charts/tabular data for emissions inventories to county/SCC level;
    • Beta version of emission inventory GIS - state and county spatial maps and pie charts showing emission source categories
  • Source Aportionment
    • 2008b SA
    • Add splash page with links and descriptions for 2008b, 2011a R1, 2011b R2 visualization tools, link to R1 spreadsheets;
    • Add description and link to 2011b R3 output
  • Model-to-obs
    • 2008b Base
    • Add 2008b Future, 2011a Base and Future, 2011b Base and Future (CAMx, CMAQ);
    • Model-to-model intercomparisons
  • MPE plots
    • Suite of MPE plots for met., emissions, and AQ modeling output;
    • Identify AQ tile plots with obs overlays (e.g. O3 1hr max);
    • Identify met plots for MPE;
    • Add document describing how users can upload files to MPE Plots tool;
  • MPE stats
    • Seasonal, annual, state and modeling domain aggregate statistics;
    • Add site level output?
  • AQ Reports
    • Annual trends Obs. data for NAAQS metrics

  • Other IWDW tools
    • Data Request; Inventory Tracking; User management; Wiki; Forums; Documentation

5. Phase II Road Map

  • GIS tools for visualization of gridded data
    • PGM output and obs data (combine output - NAAQS metrics);
    • Gridded emissions (premerged emissions - speciated VOCs)
    • Met data (WRF output, model ready met - guidance on met inputs for tools)
  • MPE Plots
    • Generation of additional spatial and/or statistical plots?

6. Other items

  • IWDW website updates
    • Public Face
    • OC secured space

7. Next call




Action Items