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2016_0119 dw operations

Date: Jan. 19, 2016
Time: 2:30-3:30pm MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from the previous calls

  • Modeling platform spec sheets - Ralph
  • NEI based O&G basins wiki - Zac
  • Documents: 2014 WRF RtC; 2011 O&G EI updates memorandum
  • 2011b platform description - Rodger
  • Globus: R.-E. and CSU installations - Ralph/Shawn
  • Follow up on Mancos Shale file transfer

2. Data request overview

3. Modeling platform

4. Tool development

  • MPE plot browser - comments from Tech. Comm. meeting
  • Emissions GIS - demo
  • Tools workgroup
    • AQ model MPE
    • Emissions GIS
    • look at 'get monitoring data' section of website. v1: develop how-to (also ERT, summary tables, training); v2: model-to-obs; model-model; SA; emissions GIS

5. Procedures doc


Previous action items:

  • Zac will create NEI based O&G basins wiki
  • Zac will send final version of 2014 WRF modeling protocol; is working on 2011 PGM MPE report

  • Shawn has preliminary approval from CSU ACNS on opening ports for Globus FTP installation, and is waiting for final approval.

  • Tom will set up a call to sort out details for bringing CARMMS/Mancos Shale dataset to IWDW with file formats necessary to support IWDW tools. Specific formats are ERT ready SMOKE reports, MPE plots generated by AMET, model-to-obs pairings, and SA results in a format to support the SA visualization tools. Other file transfers will include CAMx 3D output, and others TBD.

  • Ralph mentioned that the BLM has an RFP for Mancos 2 modeling. In anticipation of bringing results from this and similar modeling studies into the IWDW, it may be advantageous to specify requirements for IWDW data formats to facilitate ingest of such results in the IWDW data request process.

Data request and modeling platform descriptions:

  • Rodger will follow up with Zac on status of 2011b file transfer. Currently the base case platform is available at UNC and is awaiting transfer to IWDW. Future case modeling for 2011b has not been run.

Tool Development:

  • Shawn is working on enhancements to the MPE plot browser. These include additional filtering, sorting. Other features, such as query string driven plot selection, and map based site selection, will wait for future iterations of the tool.

  • Dustin gave a short demo of his new Emissions GIS. The IWDW Team will meet to have a closer look at the tool.


  • Rodger/Tom will reach out to the Project Governing Board, Oversight and Technical Committees to ask for assistance drafting sections of the IWDW-WAQS Procedures Document pertaining to these groups.

Action Items

  • Zac - NEI based O&G basins wiki
  • Zac - final version of 2014 WRF modeling protocol - DONE
  • Zac - 2011 PGM MPE report
  • Tom - set up call on import data fromats - DONE
  • Rodger - follow up with Zac on 2011b file transfer status
  • Shawn - get verdict from ACNS on ports for Globus
  • Shawn - finish mods to MPE plot browser
  • Shawn - import 2011b model-to-obs datasets
  • Rodger/Tom - solicit input for Procedures doc.
  • Dustin - set up Emissions GIS demo for IWDW group - DONE
  • Ralph - Modeling platform spec sheets