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2015_0911 DW Operations

Date: Sept. 11, 2015
Time: 1pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from 2015_0901 DW Operations

2. Summary of DW visualization tool workgroup call

3. ERT status update/next steps

  • ERT
  • display results from multiple platforms;
  • add parameter and source category metadata/expand category metadata to include SCC origins
  • mouse-over function on the bar plots to work as expected;
  • fixing the sorting function on the SCC table;
  • consistent colors for different sectors in the bar charts.

4. File transfers to DW

  • 2011 WRF - Complete
    • filed in /2011/Base11a/MET/WRF/ (grid_files.tar.gz moved from parent dir on external disk ../WRF_2011a/
    • deleted *real* files (however these are still listed in *log.tar.gz)
  • 2011 Winter O3 - Complete
    • filed in /2011/WinterO3/MET/WRF/ (changed dir structure from /2011/WinterO3/WRF/MET/)
    • deleted *real* files
  • 2008b plots?
  • 2011b emissions inputs?
  • 2011b CMAQ?

5. IWDW storage capacity

  • Internal - 72TB on order - 17TB (41%) + 55TB(95%) + 55TB = 126.5TB
  • External - 28TB on order - 70TB+28TB = 98TB

6. Issue tracking system

Wrap Up

ERT remaining issues:

  • multiple platform selection - will require new queries to accommodate disparate emissions categories in respective modeling platforms (e.g. 2008b and 2011b have three fire types, 20011a has one fire type). Roll up fires for ERT, possibly include logic to roll up if 2008a is selected, keep all fire types if 2008b is not in selection)
  • For now, disallow multiple platform selection in UI
  • Differentiate 2008b, etc, on UI?
  • Sorting (float CO, NM, UT, WY to top of state list)
  • Rodger - color map based on TSS color scheme to Shawn

Viking file structure: Rodger will move winter O3 WRF to 2011b parent dir.

SA tool: Ralph will talk with Dustin and Shawn H. regarding plans to accommodate 2011b SA modeling output.

Action Items

  • Shawn - ERT fixes
  • Rodger - ERT color table
  • Rodger - viking winter O3 met -> 2011b - DONE
  • Ralph - 2011b CMAx and CMAQ spec sheets
  • Zac - Fill in text for winter O3 met wiki winter ozone meteorology modeling results
  • Zac - 2011a/b benchmark packages