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2015_0518 DW operations

Date: May 18, 2015
Time: 2:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. 2011a modeling platform status

2. Status of DW Data Requests

3. Road map for DW tool development

  • Time line for developing and publishing current tools (emissions review, image browser, model-to-obs, SA tool)
  • Thoughts on current tools - how to get apples to compare to other apples...
  • Discussion on providing GIS based data/data mining capabilities
    • Tier 1: generate and provide shape files (emissions, PGM output, etc. Add GIS feature selection to platform request page Alternate data selection form)
    • Tier 2: provide GIS enabled drill down capabilities

  • Model post processing (e.g. model-to-obs data pairings)
    • As part of DW data ingest QA
    • Shift responsibility from Modeling Center?

  • Schedule DW tool development call

4. To-do list

  • Change status of three recent review docs to "Finalizing RtC"?
  • Clean up announcements on home page (can home page announcements trigger dynamically, e.g. from Forum post status?)

5. Kudos

  • Shawn for diving into Forum issue!

Wrap Up

Zac, Ralph & Tom gave a wrap up of last week's modeling workshop. Some takeaway points relevant to 3-State work: inherent problems in downscaling fields from global models to regional modeling BCs. 3State project might want to consider taking on global modeling to have more control over how BCs are generated. Also, received input that it is probably reasonable to reduce the residential wood smoke emissions (for region?) by 2x because current inventories don't account for many emissions reduction programs currently in place.

1. 2011a modeling platform: 2020_11a CAMx files in process of transferring. All base case files have been transferred. Tom will add more text to 2011a modeling platform recommendations.

2. Two additional data requests since last call (Forrest Cook, William Vizuete). RA will schedule a data Stewards call to review an approve pending requests, & work with Tom on data request documentation (e.g. examples for data request metadata) and also description of steward's role in data request/project life cycle. Tom will update data use agreement.

3. DW tool development road map: Current tools, specifically the ER tool: Discussion on 3State emissions inventories and comparability of emissions for 4State region (CO, WY, UT, NM) , however comparisons with other State's emissions could be problematic. Is this an issue with current emissions review tool, which displays emissions for all states? Dustin is finalizing source category mappings for ER tool and needs to manifest updates to production web site.

Discussion on expanding GIS capabilities on DW: The group generally agrees that this is a desirable path for DW development efforts, although we need to continue discussion on how to move fwd. A first step could be to generate shape files for emissions data. We have state and county emissions in tabular format, and could generate shape files. For gridded data, Zac has net cdf to shape file processor. Dustin is currently generating rasters for gridded data. Possible road map for developing GIS functionality:

  1. Develop back end process flow (to be able to display data as a map) - Dustin has worked on this for CAMx output. Not for emissions.
  2. Make geo-referenced maps available to users (is this something the cooperators are interested in?)
  3. Develop UIs with map overlays (Dustin has developed prototype for displaying model and obs data. Further development, for example drill down capabilities, could require significant development efforts)

Dustin has been working on generating model-to-obs datasets from CAMx binaries. We ran short on time to discuss the DW Team's role, but we would like to be able to reproduce the model-to-obs datasets in house. Zac will send code they use to generate model-to-obs parings.

Item for next call: Discuss revamping the wiki to make some of the documentation more accessible to the Tech. Committee.

Action Items

  • Tom - add additional text to the 2011a modeling platform "Recommendations".
  • Rodger - add pdfs of Capps & Thompson Data Request Metadata to Data Request Overview, Project and Data Request Overview. DONE
  • Rodger - set up DW Stewards call. DONE
  • Tom - update user agreement, work on "Steward's role" text.
  • Dustin - finalize emissions mappings on ER tool and publish updates to production website.
  • Zac - send Fortran code for generating model-to-obs comparisons (compare.f, sitecomp.f) DONE