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2015_0106 DW Operations

Date: Jan. 6, 2015 2:30pm MST

Time: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from 12/16/14 DW ops meeting - Rodger

2. Status of 2011a MPE - Zac, Ralph, Tom

3. DW Visualization Tools - All

  • ENVIRON SA tool
  • Status of current visualization tools (emissions browser, model-to-obs tool, Dustin's dynmaic tool)
  • Design document for future tool development

4. AOB

Wrap up

Attendees: Ralph, Zac, Rodger, Shawn, Dustin, Tom

Call duration: 2:30-3:28 MST

1. Action items from 12/16 call

Most of the action items from the 12/16 call have been completed. See Actions items from 12/16 meeting. Any carryover items are included in the Action Items below.

Dustin updated the group on the restoration of 2008b platform on viking. He is looking into checksum issues, and is tracking the progress of the recovery on base08b-recovery-progress page.

The group discussed how to deal with the anomalous precipitation signal in the 2008b 36km WRFCAMx met output. It was decided that a "bug" report will be entered in the TSDW forum. After a solution to address the issue is determined, and a bug report is posted to the TSDW fourm, data recipients will be directed to the forum posting.

The dataset holdings on the TSDW version of the Query Wizard tool are in the process of being filtered to include only datasets with sites in the 3SAQS 12km modeling domain, and with obs. from or subsequent to 2008. Model-to-obs pairings have been removed from the UI, pending release of the 2011a platform.

2. 2011a MPE

Release of 2011a platform is being held off, pending approval. Release will be discussed at upcoming (Feb. 2015) Technical Committee meeting.

Gail has requested a web based short cut that provides access to datasets currently in 'review'. DW Team will scope out a procedure to handle this type of request. Access to the review data sets will be provided only to 3SDW Collaborators, and users will need to agree to use terms stating that these data are considered preliminary and cannot be distributed beyond the 3SDW collaborators.

Providing download capabilities for modeling platforms that are currently in "Review" will require management of user permissions on the website and ftp. Also, the large file size of the 4km output presents the need to provide a means to "slice and dice" output files per user's requests. Such custom requests are currently being accommodated using CAMx scripts. The DW team will look at developing download functionality to generate user defined output as CAMx binaries and/or NetCDF.

3. Visualization Tools

Shawn is working to publish the Model-to-obs tool to the DW site. The tool will display AMET generated pairings of observational data to 2011a CAMx output. A useful feature would be to allow groupings by monitoring site type, such as urban, background, and rural. It might also be useful to define new site types, such as "high-elevation" for 03 SI assessment.

The CIRA group will draft a design document for the development of future visualization and download tools. Previous design documents will be reviewed. The design document will be presented at the upcoming Tech. Committee meeting tentatively scheduled for late Feb. 2016.

Action Items

1. Disks (ID 005 & 006) return to CIRA. See disk tracker) -Ralph will follow up.

2. Roll out of Revised Data Request and Projects pages -Dustin will publish by the end of the week. The new functionality will accommodate the pending data request from Daniel Bon at CDPHE.

3. Publish model-to-obs tool -Shawn is migrating databases to new production db server and will publish model-to-obs tool when db migration is completed.

4. Look into precip. anomaly in 36km WRFCAMx output and post bug report on TSDW froum -Zac

5. Prepare draft Visualization and Data Access Design document. -Rodger will coordinate with the CIRA development group.