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3SAQS 2011a Modeling Platform


The 3SAQS project performed photochemical grid modeling (PGM) for the year 2011 using the Comprehensive Air Quality Model with Extensions (CAMx) version 6.10. The 3SAQS 2011 Modeling Protocol details the CAMx configuration and justification for why it was chosen for the 3SAQS. Version A of the 3SAQS base 2011 modeling platform (3SAQS_Base11a) includes CAMx results for 36-km, 12-km, and 4-km modeling domains. The 3SAQS 2011a modeling platform is evolving to include a future projection year (2020), diagnostic sensitivity case studies, and a Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model simulation. The set-up and configuration of the 3SAQS 2011 platform was derived from the 3SAQS 2008 version B (3SAQS_CAMx_Base08b) modeling platform, but differs significantly in the input data and models used in the simulation.

2011a Modeling Platform Description

WRF 2011a Meteorology

SMOKE 2011a Emissions

Base Air Quality Modeling

2011a Base Year Modeling Results

2020 Future Year Modeling Results

2011 Sensitivity Air Quality Modeling

CAMx 2011a USBG Sens (Background Air Quality Sensitivity)

CAMx 2011a BC Sens (Boundary Condition Sensitivity)

CAMx 2011a On-Road Mobile Sens (MOVES2014 Sensitivity)

2011 Visibility/Haze Modeling

Modeled Attainment Test Software (MATS)

Source Apportionment Modeling


2011 Base A Errata