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Project and Data Request Overview


  1. 3SAQS - Three State Air Quality Study
  2. Western Air Quality Data Warehouse (DW)
  3. Project -
  4. Data Request -
  5. 3SAQS Cooperator -
  6. Project Steward -

Initiating Data Requests

There are two pathways to request modeling I/O and supporting data from the DW: 1. Via the Projects page, or 2. by submitting a Direct Request.

  1. Start a new Project link
    To initiate a new project on the DW, users must be registered withusers on the DW website, and be identified ashave either a "Project Manager", or "Steward"."Steward" roles. GenerallyGenerally, these roles are assigned to users who are active members of the 3SAQS Technical Committee, and are affiliated with agencies that are identified as "3SAQS Cooperators". Cooperators include, but are not limited to, representatives from the EPA, BLM, NPS, and other individuals or groups who are approved to use 3SAQS data. The "Project" pathway is the preferred approach for groups who intend to useobtaining 3SAQS modeling platforms for use in NEPA modeling studies. When a project is created, the project Sponsor, or Steward, can assign team members to the project. Project team members can submit data requests to the DW on behalf of the project. There can be multiple data requests associated with a project.
  2. Submit a Direct Request link
    This avenue allows general users, who may not have pre-approval by the 3-State Cooperators, to initiate data requests. This is the recommend pathway for individuals who are affiliated with universities, agencies outside the purview of the 3-State Cooperators, or other interested parties, to request data from the DW. Such requests will be sent to the 3SAQS Team for approval. If the request is approved, a specific DW project will be created forcreated, the request,request will become part of that project, and a Steward will be assigned to the project. Ifproject thereby arethe additionalDW data requestsTeam.

Data Request Help

When Users initiate a data request they are directed to the data request interface. A step-by-step procedure for filling out the request form can be found by following the Help link at the top of the Data Request page.

Criteria for Approval

  1. Data Selection. Use the browser to view available modeling platforms and available model I/O. Expand the tree view in the left-hand panel and add files to your request. If data are not available, this status will be indicated in the left hand panel. Requests for unavailable data can be submitted, however the will not be approved until the data have undergone review by the Three State Cooperators and are made available on the Data Warehouse.
  2. Basic parameters and supporting metadata.
    In order to be approved, each Data Request must include basic parameters (name of requestor, intended use, and other details specified on the data request form). We encourage users either enter and/or upload supporting documents that describe their proposed modeling domain and intended use of files supplied by the Data Warehouse. Two examples of external documentation provided by DW users are here example 1 (pdf) and here example 2 (pdf).
  3. Project Sponsor (Steward).
    All data requests must have a sponsor, or steward, for either the project, or for the individual data request in the case of a direct request. Stewards are individuals who are affiliated with 3SAQS cooperating agencies. A steward's role is to review the data request and determine if the request is consistent with the goals and use terms outlined in the 3SAQS data use agreement. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the steward to oversee the project through its life cycle. If a data request is made on behalf of a research institution or other organization outside the purview of the 3SAQS Cooperators, and a steward is not identified when the data request is submitted, the 3-State team will review the request, and if the request is approved a steward will be assigned to the request.
  4. Data Use Agreement:
    Please read and acknowledge the Data Use Agreement that accompanies each Data Request.