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3SAQS/WAQS Monitoring Network Assessments

The WAQS MNA Wiki contains links to supplementary materials for the 2017 WAQS MNA Final Report, as well as a meeting arcive for the WAQS MNA Workgroup. Materials for the 2014 3SAQS MNA are also provided in the wiki.

Note: The map based images are high resolution. After opening image files,files in your browser, click on a specifican area of interest to view that area at higher resolution.


3SAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Technical Memo (9 June, 2014)
3SAQS Network Recommendations (27 Feb., 2014)
Document Archive
Cost Survey


2017 Final Report

WAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Final Report (3 Nov., 2017)


WAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Working Group Meetings
WAQS OC 2017.11.06.pptx (6 Nov., 2017)

Monitoring Sites

Tabular Data

Monitors (reflects monitors in aqs_monitors.csvfile, 26 May, 2017 update)


By Monitored Parameters (Parameters cconsidered in the WAQS MNA)
All monitors (non-overlapping labels)
All monitors (overlapping labels)
O3 and Precursors
PM2.5 Raw and Total
Ions and ammonia
Met monitors
NADP sites

By Agency and/or Organization
Tribes EPA-NPS (N/A) USFS (N/A) BLM Colorado-DPHE (N/A) Wyoming-DEQ (N/A) Utah-DEQ (N/A) Montana-DEQ (N/A) Dakotas (N/A) Other (N/A)

Current Conditions

4th Highest Maximum Daily 8-hour average (MD8). Calculated in the WAQS MNA using EPA's 8-hour average data (20161223 update)
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

2013-2015 County Level DVs1 (with 2015 4th highest O3 from WAQS MNA)
O3 [O3 8-hour] [O3 8-hour detail]

2014-2016 County Level DVs1 (with monitor locations)
O3 [O3 8-hour] [O3 8-hour detail]
NO2 [NO2 1-hour] [NO2 annual]
PM2.5 [PM2.5 24-hour] [PM2.5 24-hour CIAs] [PM2.5 annual] [PM2.5 24hr NAAs] [PM2.5 24hr NAAs Wasatch Front]

Correlation Analysis

Maps showing locations of highly correlatedmonitors, as defined in the MNA Report.
Monitors correlated above regression criteria (R2>0.8, average concentration within 10%, 15% for NO2)
O3 NO2 PM2.5
Top 10 most highly correlated by parameter

Tabular data Monitor Correlation Tables

Monitor-to-monitor correlation analysis Plot Archive
Plot Archive file name convention: monitor1_monitor2_parameter_R_D_N.png, where monitor1 and monitor2 are the IDs for the monitors being compared, parameter is monitored parameter, R is the correlation coefficient, D is the distance (km) between monitor pairs, and N is the number of data points in the comparison.

Correlograms Plot Archive
Plot Archive file name convention: parameter_airshed_n.png, for example NO2_2_250.png refers to correlograms for NO2 monitors in airshed #2 using monitor pairs with at least 250 (n>=250) data points for comparison. Plots with "dw" have an inverse distance weighting function applied to the curve fit.

Representative Area

Gap Analysis

Maps showing monitor locations, O&G wells, population centers. PM2.5 maps show Class I Areas.

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5 (O3 and NO2 maps include well locations for 'approved and pending' permits)

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

New Mexico
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

North and South Dakota
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

Emissions Analysis

WAQS 2011b v2 O&G Sector Emissions
VOCs Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings
NMHC Emissions Wells Monitor Rnkings
NOx Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings
FP Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings

1. EPA Map Service: USEPA Office of Environmental Information (OEI). Data: U.S. EPA Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) - Office of Air Quality, downloaded on Oct. 11, 2017