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3SAQS/WAQS Monitoring Network Assessments

Links to reports, monitoring site tables, maps and other resources for the 2017 WAQS Monitoring Network Assessment


3SAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Technical Memo (9 June, 2014)
3SAQS Network Recommendations (27 Feb., 2014)
Document Archive


WAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Report - DRAFT FINAL (13 Oct., 2017)


WAQS Monitoring Network Assessment Working Group Meetings


Note: After opening image files, click on a specific area to view that area at higher resolution.

Monitoring Sites

By Organization
Tribal: Tribes
State Agencies: Colorado-DPHE Wyoming-DEQ Utah-DEQ Montana-DEQ Dakotas
Other: WAQS WAQS all monitors "Other"

By Region
CDPHE monitors in Denver and Northern Front Range Denver & NFR

By Monitored Parameters (Monitors included in WAQS MNA)
All[All monitors] WAQS Region
O3[O3 and Precursors WAQS Region
PM2.5] WAQS RegionPM2.5 PM2.5[PM2.5 Raw and Total]
PM2.5 ions[Ions and ammonia WAQS Region
Met] WAQS[Met Regionmonitors
NADP] WAQS[NADP Regionsites]

NAAQS Parameters O3 NO2 PM2.5

AQRVs Sulfur and Nitrogen SPEC Sites All SPEC Sites


Monitor Tables Site Tables

Concentration Maps

O3 Annual 4th Highest MD8Maximum (mapsDaily by8-hour year)average (MD8)
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Design Value Maps from EPA OAR OAQPS
2013-2015 County Level DVs1 (O3 8-hour Standard, with(with 2015 4th highest O3 from WAQS MNA)
O3 O3[O3 WAQS8-hour] O3[O3 WAQS8-hour Detaildetail]

2014-2016 County Level DVs O31 (with O3 and precursor monitor locations)
O3 [O3 8-hour] [O3 8-hour detail]
O3 WAQS O3 WAQS Detail NO2 NO2[NO2 1-hour] NO2[NO2 annual]
PM2.5 [PM2.5 24-hour] [PM2.5 24-hour CIAs] [PM2.5 annual] [PM2.5 24hr NAAs] [PM2.5 24hr NAAs Wasatch Front]

Correlation Analysis

Maps showing monitors correlated to other monitors at R2>0.8.
O3 NO2 PM2.5
Tabular data Monitor Correlation Tables

Representative Area

Gap Analysis

Maps showing monitor locations, O&G wells, population centers. PM2.5 maps show Class I Areas.

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5 (O3 and NO2 maps include well locations for 'approved and pending' permits)

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

New Mexico
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

North and South Dakota
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

Emissions Analysis

WAQS 2011b v2 O&G Sector Emissions
VOCs Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings
NMHC Emissions Wells Monitor Rnkings
NOx Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings
FP Emissions Wells Monitor Rankings

1. County Level Design Value Maps from EPA OAR OAQPS