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2015_0414 DW Operations

Date: April, 14 2015
Time: 2:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from March 31 call.

2. Re-cap from Feb. 25 Tech. Committee Meeting

  • EPA checklist
  • 2011a (multiple scenarios) resources and availability on the DW
  • Next Tech. Committee meeting?

3. DW website development

  • Data Request UI (Deployed. Maybe write help page for email notifications)
  • Forum email notification system (how-to posted to Forum Help. Should email how-to to 3State cooperators. Was an announcement on Emissions Modeling Report emailed to Cooperators; Gail, Rebecca DNR)
  • Image Browser (How to proceed - add metadata functionality? UI: display multiple images?)
  • Emissions Review Tool (consolidate source categories)
  • ENVIRON SA tool (update on discussion with ENVIRON)

4. Modeling I/O on viking

  • 2008 (WestJump WRF and WRFCAMx meteorology; checksums)
  • Support for 2011 met?
  • Unavailable status for Base2020_08a? (also /Base11a/ (do we want to make parts of platforms available?), WestJumpAQMS/MET/ WRFCAMx/. See request ID 1165)
  • errata: Base11a/EMIS/inputs/

5. Data Request status

  • Status page (3 submitted, 1 awaiting approval)

6. Other DW projects (work we want to keep track of, but don't necessarily need to rehash during every call)

  • ARMS platform
  • O&G workgroup page
  • ENVIRON SA tool
  • Dustin's GIS tool
  • Model-to-obs tool
  • Emissions browser
  • Image browser link

Wrap Up

Attendes: Ralph, Shawn, Dustin, Rodger Call Duration: 50 min

1. Regarding Data Request Overview: add additional examples of completed request form. (e.g. in addition to examples of attachments provided by Shannon Capps).

Regarding data request policy: Create mechanism wherein users can request portions of modeling platform as they are released (e.g. emissions before PGM, etc.), however, DW will not release partially fulfilled requests.

2. *EPA checklist: Discussion tabled until 4/29 call

Action Items