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Oil and Gas Workgroup

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Co-leads: Tom Moore (WRAP), Jeff Vukovich (USEPA)

Darla Potter (WY), Laura Woods (OH), Michael Ege (TX), Molly Birnbaum(AK), Ona Papageorgiou (NY), Randy Powers (TN), Rebekah Banas (MI), Roslyn Higgin (NM), Mark Jones (NM), Sabrina Blakely (AL), Stephen Coe (MT), Sylvia Vanderspek (CA), Tom Richardson (OK), Mark Houser (PA), David Fewell (WV), Matt Kemper (WV), Dale Wells (CO), Lynn Deahl (KS), John Barnes( NY), Jim Nyarady (CA), Melissa Hovey (BLM), Mary Uhl (WRAP/WESTAR), John Grant (Ramboll), Amnon Bar Ilan (Ramboll), Cindy Beeler (USEPA Reg. 8), Claudia Smith (USEPA Reg 8), Jennifer Snyder (USEPA) , Brian Timin (USEPA), Stephen Lachance(MI), Jackie Gadret(WRAP),

Coordination Committee Meetings

Kickoff meeting: Monday, March 12 2PM ET

March 12, 2018


Tom Moore (WRAP), Jeff Vukovich (USEPA)



  • Roll call was completed
  • Monthly calls will be on second Monday of the month at 2PM ET
    • HOWEVER next call on April 9th at 1230PM ET to accommodate a MJO/state meeting conflict on that day
  • 2016 Collaborative EMP development was summarized
  • The Oil and Gas Workgroup charge document was summarized
  • Tom Moore summarizes the Alignment between 2016 EMP and 2017 NEI for O&G sources document
    • Tom introduced possible survey ideas
      • Possibly come from the states/MJOs on the workgroup and voluntary
  • Alpha version of the O&G sources inventory was explained and discussed
    • EPA should have a year 2016 point source O&G inventory in late March or early April
    • Tom Moore(WRAP)/John Grant (Ramboll) mentioned that a review of the point and non-point O&G sources report is available
    • Group discussed methodologies to project sources from 2014 to 2016
      • Alpha version used historical production state data from EIA
      • Projection factors were provided on Google Drive Oil and Gas folder
      • Modelers have option to use NEI2014v2 or projected 2016 inventory in AQ modeling applications

Action Items

  • Members to review the charge document before next call
  • Members to review the Alignment 2016 EMP-2017 NEI document
    • Survey ideas to be sent to Tom Moore before next call
  • EPA to provide NAICS codes used to determine which point sources belong in the point source O&G sector (Vukovich)
  • Provide links to the National Committee review docs (T. Moore)

Next Call: April 9 2018 at 1230PM ET