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Data Request Procedure


TODOThis page is intended to document the procedure for requesting data from the Three State Data Warehouse within the context of a 3SDW cooperator sanctioned analysis project.

Request Procedure



Registered User

Any user registered for the site

  • View (Read-only) all projects
  • View (Read-only) all Data Requests

Project Collaborator / Team Member

A Registered User who has been added to a project by the Project Manager

  • View (read-only) all projects
  • Issue data requests within a Project they have been assigned to.
  • Edit Data Requests they have created
  • Submit Data requests they have created
  • Sign-off Data requests they have created

Project Manager

A Registered user who is also a member of a 3SDW cooperating agency (BLM, EPA, NPS, etc). Project Managers regulate access to warehouse data and monitor the data transfer progress. Project Managers may also submit Data Requests

  • Create new projects
  • Edit projects they manage
  • View (read-only) all projects
  • Issue data requests within a project they manage
  • Assign registered users to a project they manage


Administrators are warehouse staff who are responsible for monitoring and fulfilling data requests.

  • Create new projects
  • Edit any project
  • Edit any data request