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2014_1216 DW Operations

Date: 2014_1216 2:30pm MST

Time: 1-888-394-8197 and access code 299990

Overview: First bi-weekly (every other week) call to discuss WAQDW operations. Meetings will focus on:

1.) Transfer of files from data providers to the data warehouse

2.) Data requirements and back end systems to support data warehouse visualization tools.

3.) Other topics as needed.

Today's Agenda:

1. Minutes from last meeting 2014_1204 DW Ops

2. DW data holdings and modeling I/O file transfer status 3SDW Data Tracker

  • 2008b plots
  • 2008b 2020a
  • 2011a

3. DW Disk Tracker 3SDW Disk Tracker

4. Projects

  • Current DW projects overview Projects Overview
  • New project/data request interface (Dustin)
  • Ralph's follow up requests for Hiawatha and SRP NGS projects

5. DW model I/O file categories (Dustin)

  • Categories overview democategories
  • UNC scripts to generate XML file metadata

6. Open discussion

  • file transfers to support DW visualization products
  • model-to-obs datasets Studies
  • etc.

7. AOB

Action Items

1. DW data tracker: 3SDW Data Tracker

  • 2008b_Base Case. Dustin will recreate previous /data1/3SDW/3SAQS/2008/Base08b/ directory and file structure from current holdings on viking /data2/3SDW/deliverables/
  • 2008b_2020. 2x4Tb disks at UNC. Zac will mail to CIRA
  • 2008b_Base Case CAMx output. 2x4Tb disks at ENVIRON. Ralph will mail to CIRA
  • 2011a CAMx scripts/code; CAMx Inputs. Zac will copy these files directly to viking

2. DW disk tracker: 3SDW Disk Tracker

  • Rodger will update disk tracking table to reflect Project disks currently involved in file transfer and those on deck for future file transfers

3. DW projects:

  • Dustin will roll out updated projects and data request interface. This will include updated requests for ENVIRON's Hiawatha and SRP NGS projects.

4. Modeling I/O categories Categories

  • Dustin will send out list of categories to Zac for input