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Co-leads: Alison Eyth (EPA OAQPS), Zac Adelman (LADCO)

Mark Janssen (LADCO), Julie McDill (MARAMA), Mary Uhl (WESTAR), Tom Moore (WESTAR), Michael Vince (CENSARA), John Hornback (SESARM), Jim Boylan (GA DNR), Dave Foerter (OTC), Joe Jakuta (OTC), Chris Swab (Oregon), Doug Boyer (TCEQ), Serpil Kayin (EPA), Jeff Vukovich (EPA), Jennifer Snyder (EPA), Caroline Farkas (EPA), Sarah Roberts (EPA)

Coordination Committee Meetings

Held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. This wiki will be used to present the agenda before each call.

December 13, 2017


Zac, Alison, Julie, Michael, Caroline, John, Sarah, Jeff, Chris, Jim, Mark, Jennifer, Tom


  • Review Collaborative Google Drive
  • Review Collaborative Wiki
  • Coordination Workgroup role: process and planning, logistics, facilitation
  • Status update from each workgroup, including which workgroups still need leads. List of co-leads
  • Review the general charge for each workgroup; from the top level GDrive (first bullet above) under Oversight see Nonpoint Workgroup Charge and EGU Workgroup Charge examples
  • Documentation: Specification Sheets for documentation; see Specification Sheet Template under the Oversight folder
  • EPA update on 2014v2 release
  • Other items


  • Presentation on the Collaborative G-Suite and Wiki - described that G-Drive will be used to store data files, inventories, and to share documents while Wiki will be used for meeting notes and status information
  • G-Drive has directories for each workgroup - each directory should be updated to include a workgroup charge (start with examples in the Coordination folder and items in the 2016 plan), and a specification sheet
  • Specification sheets are key for transparency and documentation - try to update as progress is made
  • Concerns about access and permissions discussed: VA and CA known to not have access to G-Suite, likely others; workgroup leads will need to figure out work arounds
  • Bear with the coordination leads as we work through the initial permissions and access issues to the resources laid out for this process
  • The process and resources are suggestions, not prescriptive
  • Need MJO/state co-leads for non-EGU point and non-road
  • EPA will likely just lead the Mexico/Canada group
  • Alison gathering 2016 data that they already have in-hand for the workgroups. Currently have on-road, non-road, fires, biogenics for 2016; most of the non-point sectors they have are for 2014
  • Make sure to distinguish between the 2016 and 2014 data; 2014 will be labeled 2014v2

EPA 2014v2 status

  • onroad, nonroad, point fires (wild, rx), point are ready; nonpoint is still being worked on, hopefully ready in January
  • Is there a reference or resource for EPA 2016 global modeling for ICBC data? EPA can share the input data and status of this effort. Would like to see a presentation (webinar) on the hemispheric modeling, when available (several months away)

Workgroup Status Updates

  • Biogenic: MEGANv3 for 2016, waiting for met data; kickoff meeting in Jan, will share BEIS3 inputs/outputs; charge in draft form posted before Christmas; will look at BEIS vs MEGAN comparisons to see if BEIS needs upgrades; 2016 BEIS will be provided; analysis and timelines will be worked out by workgroup; need support for nested grids [for all sectors not just biogenic]
  • Fires: draft 2016 fire inventory, plan for EPA is draft a technical memo describing how it was created, will provide data and workgroup can do analysis, workgroup in place; challenge is how to think about fires and projections; charge document is drafty
  • EGU: Process in building 2016 ERTAC EGU, expecting to have something for states to look at in January, projections will stretch out to April; will prepare growth factors based on AEO 2018 once available; EPA working on new projection platform, consulting with ERTAC group on new platform; states will submit point inventory by 2nd week of January, will be put out for review in March and work on how to split inventory to meet MJO and EPA needs
  • Oil & Gas: long list of members, Tom will work on the charge document, will get a call going the first of the year; WRAP has some contractor support for this sector with a road map of what needs to be done, Tom will share with the national group
  • Onroad: no meeting yet, but Alison will provide an overview of what's available in 2014v2 on the upcoming MOVES workgroup (12/21/17); 2016/2014v2 will be used as the starting point; presentation will be available from MOVES working group
  • NonEGU-Point: have list of members, EPA trying to find the co-lead
  • Nonroad: focusing on recruiting the co-lead and working on the charge; larger effort will be to have the inventory incorporate the updates to the model in the forthcoming MOVES release: growth rates, and Tier 4 emissions factors
  • Nonpoint: Jennifer Synder will be helping, tasks are pretty well laid out but have a lot of other categories that will need to be addressed; getting some help from different groups (e.g. RWC is being worked on by Rich Mason)
  • Rail: will update yard methodology, new data for commuter rail; tomorrow is the 2nd call for this workgroup, looking at methodologies and starting in January will put together the plan
  • Marine: no call yet, maybe next week to walk through the different way of using AIS data and plan for how the 2016/17 inventory will be built using AIS data (EPA will get these data); OTAQ is already involved in building a tool similar to SMOKE, will be working in parallel with them
  • Will skip Mexico/Canada/Meteorology today

  • Schedule approximately quarterly national webinars to report out on the progress of this collaborative; targeting March 2018 for the first call
  • Get list of the workgroup meeting times and publish somewhere: e.g., Google Calendar for collaborative?

Action Items

  • Zac: Give permissions to all workgroup leads on G-Suite and wiki
  • Zac: Create a Collaborative Google Calendar with the workgroup meeting times;
  • Alison: Update Collaborative Coordination WG calendar invite with a link to this wiki page
    • Done.
  • Alison: develop lists of EPA members on workgroups
  • Alison and Jeff: prepare available 2016 and 2014 data to share with workgroups
  • Zac: propose dates in 2018, starting in March, for the quarterly national webinars
  • Workgroup Leads: Schedule meetings and send meeting times to Zac for inclusion on the Collaborative Calendar
  • Workgroup Leads: Draft charge and document work on the workgroup Wiki

Next Call: January 10, 2018