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Data Request Status

Updated 3/3/2015

Page to manage project and data request metadata.

Available project status flags :

Available data request status flags:

Started; Submitted; Approved; Disapproved; Request Incomplete; Filling; Filled; Data Delivered; Data Incomplete; Data Accepted; Completed; Canceled

See: data request procedure#Statuses-and-Actions (can we add list of project status flags?)

Project IDRequest IDSponsorProject TitlePMRequestorFile sizeDescriptionProject StatusRequest StatusNotes
1  Unspecified       
212BLMHiawatha Regional Energy Development Project (HREDP) Environmental Impact StatementChairs T.Ralph M184 In ProgressStarted 
"47"""   "Started*remove
"49""" 86 "Started*should update Request db to reflect latest disk transfer
313BLMConverse Count Development Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).Ryan M.Marco185 In ProgressStarted 
"78"" Jung84 "Approved 
4-EPAEmissions QA 2011 Base AGail T.    Pending*add request
5-NPSEvaluate vertical profiles of simulated ammoniaMike B.   Complete *add request
6-EPAozone spatial plots for 2011 MPEGail T.   Pending *add request
714NPSComparison of source contributions to nitrogen deposition at Class 1&2 ares in the Western U.S.Mike B.Tammy T.185Gb CompleteStarted*reconcile project and request status flags
8-External-BattellePEM integration with SMOKE/CMAQTom M.Tim L.  Pending  
9 Internal2011a modeling sensitivitiesZac A.   In progress  
10 External-ENVIRIONPMDETAILRalph M.   In progress  
11  Emissions Inventory Data Summary for 2008Mike B.   Complete  
12  Test      *remove
1380 2020 future case sensitivityMike B.Tammy T.  Pending *contact MB - update status
 74   Chao-Jung Chien   Started*duplicate of Request 78, cancel or remove
 76   Chao-Jung Chien   Started*duplicate of Request 78, cancel or remove
 79   Shannon Capps 2011 emissions, CAMx inputs, plots Started 
 81 CDPHE  Daniel Bonn 2011 base and future emissions Submitted 
 83   Huy Tran   Canceled 
 91External-USGS  Jim Fassett   Startedno metadata
 93Univ.       *remove
 94Univ.  Suresh Tatnam update of USFS handbook Started 
 101Univ.  Shannon Capps 2008b Emissions & CAMx output Cancelled 
 102External-ARS  Cassie A. 2011a premerged emissions in TSS fmt Started 
 109CO-APCD  Kevin Briggs 2008b platform Started 
 114NPS  Pat Brewer 2011, 2020 emissions trends Submitted 
 120   Ana Alvarez   Cancelled 
 121External-EPRI  Ana Alvarez CAMx source code Submitted 
 122   DS    *remove