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File System Scanner

The file system scanner is a collection of scripts hosted on viking which are run on a daily basis to update the 3SDW relational database with the current state of viking's file system.

  1. Scan the file system to a file /var/DWUtils/FileSystemScanner/ - This is a top level script which executes scans of several directory trees. This script needs to be parameterized. The main function of this script is to connect specific directory trees to be scanned to instances of ScannerToFile described below. /var/DWUtils/FilesystemScanner/pyFSScan.fsScan ScannerToFile - This file ( contains numerous classes to handle the scanning of directory tree contents into various forms. The specific class used is ScannerToFile. Methods of the scanner to file class are called in the script. The results of the file system scan are stored in a binary file whose form is defined within the ScannerToFile methods.
  2. Process the file to the database /var/DWUtils/FilesystemScanner/ - This shell script processes the binary scan result files generated in the last step to web services. /var/DWUtils/FilesystemScanner/pyFSScan/
    Document Web services code
    Web services in \TSDW\TSDWAPP\DataRequest\DataCatalog.asmx.vb Stored procs called?called:
  • SetfileSystemScanTime
  • StartFileSystemScan
  • CreateOrUpdateFileItems
  • CompleteFileSystemScan
  • UpdateFileSystemHIDs
  • UpdateFileSystemTreeTotals
  1. Postprocess database records stored procs called to update scan bits, update tree totals, update hid, sequence?