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Coordination - 2021-2022

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Co-leads: Alison Eyth (EPA OAQPS), Zac Adelman (LADCO)

Mark Janssen (LADCO), Julie McDill (MARAMA), Mary Uhl (WESTAR), Tom Moore (WESTAR), Michael Vince (CENSARA), Jeff Underhill (NESCAUM), John Hornback (SESARM), Jim Boylan (GA DNR), Byeong Kim (GA DNR), Doug Boyer (TCEQ), Serpil Kayin (EPA), Jeff Vukovich (EPA), Caroline Farkas (EPA), Sarah Roberts (EPA), Tammy Manning (NCDENR), Eric Zalewsky (NY), Tom Richardson (OK), Susan McCusker (MARAMA), Chad LaFontaine (SESARM), Heather Simon (EPA), Norm Possiel (EPA)

Coordination Committee Meetings

Held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. Eastern. This wiki will be used to present the agenda before each call.

April 14, 2021


  1. Ongoing work at EPA and data requests
  2. Development of 2016 case with some 2017 NEI
  3. Other topics


Alison, Susan, Debbie, Doug, Caroline, Winston, Serpil, Tammy, Mark J, Sarah, Tom R, Tom M, Jeff U, Jeff V, Jeongran, Eric


1. Ongoing work at EPA + data requests

  • 2016, 2023, 2026 MOVES3 - 2023 needed by LADCO and Northeast for NAAs in addition to 2016 and 2026
  • is taking LADCO a while to run SMOKE-MOVES for different grids - could they get inventory mode version? A:EPA posts county SCC inventories fore each case we've run
  • Mark: is the nonpoint inventory we post good enough for SIP modeling? A can't answer. Consult your regional rep
  • EQUATES initiative - share onroad on MOVES MJO - Kristen may present in May
  • Fed/State WG (Norm/Mary) - working to find dates in May

2. Working on a 2016 case with more 2017

  • Can EPA provide modeling input files for 2016? (they are interested once available)
  • OTC modeling committee - discuss incorporating their rules into inventories
  • 2026 projections needed by LADCO and MARAMA/OTC/NESCAUM asked about this - possibly TX, Denver and possibly other areas (CA) [areas moderate for 2015 could bump up to serious (2026)]

3. Other topics

  • April 22 EGU WG call - discussion with Tom R; trying to get some RCU folks on that - call moved to May due to a conflict for Tom R
  • Tom / Jeff Vukovich - OOOOa control program - getting more info from operators?
  • Tom Moore Also working on EGUs
  • A lot of rules promulgated in Obama administration but unclear how they were actually implemented
  • Tom: Projections have a hard time accounting for incentive-base programs (e.g. to support climate)
  • WRAP working on a 2017 platform (only base year); finished GEOSchem, running WRF at 36/12 (due May), considering making some adjustments to 2017 oil/gas, otherwise using 2017 as-is; no plans for projections
  • ozone season total summaries for 2017 for base and future years for 2026
  • Meet next month? If don't need we can cancel later (scheduled for May 12)
  • Paper outline: Tom M looked at this; Tom R also did; nuts and bolts to describe the effort

February 10, 2021


  1. Recent data releases and ongoing work at EPA (Alison)
  2. Needs for modeling inventories during next couple years (All)
  3. Ideas for building platforms for non-triennial NEI years (Zac)
  4. Set dates for upcoming meetings


Alison, Zac, Tom R, Tammy, Jin, Kathleen (for Jeff U), Debbie, Susan, Doug, Byeong, Mary, Jeff V, Sarah, Todd Pasley (NC), Michael Woodman (MD), Tom M, Mark J, Caroline, Jim B, Serpil, Winston (NY)


1. Recent data releases and ongoing work at EPA

Alison reviewed a presentation about recent data package updates including the airport correction in 2017 NEI, SAPRC availability, 2018 platform development for CDC collaboration, ORD's EQUATES project

  • Tom mentioned they has some 2018 EGU data and wondered if it would be helpful
  • Tom asked if we could review the new Canada and Mexico inventories at an upcoming meeting

Alison mentioned getting questions from various states and contractors on availability of 2017NEI-based projections and MOVES3 data.

There are questions about which state and federal rules are included in 2016v1 and which may not be included either because they happened too recently or were not included for other reasons.

  • Zac mentioned that LADCO had recently collected data on state and federal rules
  • Susan mentioned that OTC was working updating its list of rules

2. Discussion of state/regional needs

Alison pointed out that some states are using different base years than 2016 including 2017, 2018, and 2019. A discussion of state/region needs followed:

  • LADCO is still using 2016 base year but needs 2026 future year
  • OTC needs 2026 future year
  • WESTAR is working on a base year only 2017 platform
  • SESARM doesn't have regulatory needs but will do some planning modeling
  • Tom mentioned that a high-medium-low approach for projections could be useful
  • Zac mentioned RCP inventories work with multiple projections

3. Discussion of ideas for buiding modeling platforms for non-triennial NEI years

  • Zac reviewed the table he prepared considering which sectors might be reused between interim years.

  • Some sectors have activity changes, some met changes, and some both

4. Next meetings will be monthly and canceled if no topics available.