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Fire Workgroup

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Co-leads: Jeff Vukovich (USEPA), Tom Moore (WRAP)

Tesh Rao (USEPA), Ariel Holway-Jones (Alabama DEM), Carlos Mancilla (New York DEC), Cindy Hollenberg (New Mexico), Di Tian (GADNR), Tao Zeng (GADNR), Doug Boyer (TCEQ), Greg Mortensen (Utah), Jayson Prentice (Kansas), Nicholle Worland (NJ DEP), Randy Strait (NC DENR), Rebecca Simpson (Colorado), Rhonda Payne (Montana), Rob Leteff (Wyoming), Sylvia Vanderspek (CARB), Vanessa Crandell-Beck (Alaska), Farren Herron-Thorpe (Washington ECY), Gail Tonnesen (USEPA), Debbie Miller (National Park Service), Lance Avey (USEPA), Joel Karmazyn (Utah), Klaus Scott (CARB), Kevin Briggs (Colorado), Trent Wickman (US Forest Service), Mary Fauci, (Nez Perce Tribe), Matt Mavko (Air Sciences), Rebecca Matichuk (USEPA), Will Stone(USEPA)

Coordination Committee Meetings

Kickoff Meeting: Thursday March 1, 2018 1PM Eastern

March 1, 2018


Co-leads: Jeff Vukovich (USEPA), Tom Moore (WRAP)


  • IntroductionsIntroductions, roll call – name, daily job responsibilities with respect to fire and smoke issues, agency
    • set up regular meeting times for workgroup
      • suggest first Thursday of month at 1PM ET (like today)
      • build agenda for monthly calls based on a 60-min. duration

  • Agenda items for future calls
    • Closure on Charge doc
    • Milestones for Fire Workgroup
    • “stable” modules and complete activity data for using BlueSky framework to prepare historic and future projection fire EIs
    • Discussion on how to define scope and desired improvements for beta version of 2016 fire inventory
    • Key Needparameterizations of fire activity data (consumption, fuel loadings, acres and piles, plume rise, speciation profiles, others)
    • Estimating future fire emissions to setbound upair regularquality meetingplanning times for workgroup
      • Suggest First Thursday of month at 1PM ET (like today)projections


    Action Items

    Next Call: TBD