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Data Request Status

Updated 3/3/2015

Page to manage project and request metadata. Available project status flags: Available data request status flags:

data request procedure#Statuses and Actionsprocedure#Statuses-and-Actions

Project IDRequest IDSponsorProject TitlePMRequestorFile sizeDescriptionProject StatusRequest StatusNotes
1  Unspecified       
212BLMHiawatha Regional Energy Development Project (HREDP) Environmental Impact StatementChairs T.Ralph M184 In ProgressStarted 
"47"""   "Started*remove
"49""" 86 "Startedneed to update Request db to reflect latest disk transfer
313BLMConverse Count Development Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).Ryan M.Marco185 In ProgressStarted 
"78"" Jung84 "Approved 
4-EPAEmissions QA 2011 Base AGail T.    Pending*add request
5-NPSEvaluate vertical profiles of simulated ammoniaMike B.   Complete *add request
6-EPAozone spatial plots for 2011 MPEGail T.   Pending *add request
714NPSComparison of source contributions to nitrogen deposition at Class 1&2 ares in the Western U.S.Mike B.Tammy T.185Gb CompleteStarted*reconcile project and request status flags
8-External-BattellePEM integration with SMOKE/CMAQTom M.Tim L.  Pending  
9 Internal2011a modeling sensitivitiesZac A.   In progress  
10 External-ENVIRIONPMDETAILRalph M.   In progress  
11  Emissions Inventory Data Summary for 2008Mike B.   Complete  
12  Test      *remove
1380 2020 future case sensitivityMike B.Tammy T.  Pending  
 74        *duplicate of Request 78, cancel & remove
 76        *duplicate of Request 78, cancel & remove
 79   Shannon Caps 2011 emissions, CAMx inputs, plots Started 
 81   Daniel Bonn 2011 base and future emissionsSubmitted  
 83       Canceled 
 91External-USGS  Jim Fassett   Startedno metadata
 93Univ.       *remove
 94Univ.  Suresh Tatnam update of USFS handbook Started 
 101Univ.  Shannon C. 2008b Emissions & CAMx output Cancelled 
 102External-ARS  Cassie A. 2011a premerged emissions in TSS fmt Started 
 109CO-APCD  Kevin Briggs 2008b platform Started 
 114NPS  Pat Brewer 2011, 2020 emissions trends Submitted 
 120       Cancelled 
 121External-EPRI  Ana Alvarez CAMx source code Submitted 
 122        *remove