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3SAQS/WAQS Monitoring Network Assessments

Monitor Locations

NAAQS parameters O3 NO2 PM2.5

Met VOCs NO2_NONOxNOy S&N S&N with other SPEC

Cross correlation analysis

Maps showing sites with daily concentrations correlated to other sites at R2>0.8.
O3 NO2 PM2.5 Spreadsheet

Monitor representative area and gap analysis

Maps showing monitor locations, O&G wells, population centers. PM2.5 maps show Class I Areas.
Note: click on the map to view full resolution.

Colorado (O3 and NO2 maps include well locations for 'approved and pending' permits)
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

New Mexico
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5

North and South Dakota
O3 NO2 O3&NO2 PM2.5


O3 Annual 4th Highest MD8 (not 3-year mean)
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015