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Biogenic Workgroup

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Co-leads: Jeff Vukovich (USEPA), Doug Boyer (TCEQ),

Brian Sullins (Alabama DEM), Byeong Kim Byeong(GA (GADENR),EPD), Miranda Kosty (TCEQ), Stephen Coe (Montana), Susanne Cotty (PA Region), Sylvia Vanderspek (CARB), Vanessa Crandell-Beck (Alaska), Tom Moore (Westar-WRAP), Jeremy Avise (CARB), Jiang Majong (CARB)

Coordination Committee Meetings

Kickoff Meeting: Tuesday January 23rd at 2PM Eastern

January 23, 2018


Co-leads: Jeff Vukovich (USEPA), Doug Boyer (TCEQ),

Brian Sullins (Alabama DEM), Byeong Kim Byeong(GA (GADENR),EPD), Miranda Kosty (TCEQ), Stephen Coe (Montana), Susanne Cotty (PA Region), Sylvia Vanderspek (CARB), Tom Moore (Westar-WRAP), Jeremy Avise (CARB), Jiang Majong (CARB)


  • Introductions
  • Collaboration mission: Develop a year 2016 Emissions Modeling Platform
  • Review draft Charge Document for the Workgroup
  • BEIS3: 2016 emissions available
  • MEGAN version 3 - new version and plans
  • Need to set up regular meeting times for workgroup


  • Overview of WG, 2016 EMP, and member introductions completed
    • Members were from states of CA, AZ, MT, GA, AL, TX, WRAP
      • members had various types of experience with biogenic emissions and AQ modeling
  • Reviewed Biogenic WG charge document
    • Discussion centered around the need to find field studies or sources of monitoring data to help with evaluation
      • Field studies: ORD
      • CARB (Jeremy): 2011 ISOP airborne monitoring campaign. Carried out comparisons with MEGANv2 and MEGANv3
      • NASA DISCOVER studies: data may be useful
    • Need list of QA steps for analyzing biogenic emissions datasets
    • Add investigation of fertilizer-nitric oxide (NO) emissions to charge document
    • Should we be concerned about Urban vegetation for biogenic emissions?
      • MEGAN has extra modeling step for incorporating urban veg (LAI incorporated)
    • Modeling resolution of 12km for this workgroup; some states may want to go to 4km
    • Request for evaluation tech doc of the 2016 WRF simulation
    • Tom Moore (WRAP) and Jeremy Avise (CARB) provided various biogenic emissions references for the workgroup to examine when possible.
  • Jeff Vukovich gave an overview of the BEIS3 simulation already carried out for year 2016
    • Technical documentation will be available soon on the BEIS3 simulation
    • Annual simulation at 12km resolution was completed for Carbon Bond 6 AQ modeling
  • Doug Boyer gave an overview of the MEGANv3
    • TCEQ sent the drives to LADCO to get MCIP data for 2016
    • See all the MEGANv3 tech docs Doug has provided on Biogenics WG Google site
    • GA and USEPA: would like to see April-October emissions from MEGANv3
  • Will have monthly conference calls on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 2PM EST

Action Items

  • Members send list of QA steps they use when analyzing biogenic emissions datasets. Please provide these QA steps to the co-chairs by Friday February 9, 2018 (all possible WG members)
  • CARB to send plots of their MEGAN/BEIS3 related work (Jeremy)
  • Add fertilizer investigation to charge document (Vukovich)
  • Investigate if a model evaluation tech doc exists for the year 2016 WRF simulation conducted by USEPA (Vukovich, USEPA)
  • Provide MEGANv3 results for July 2016 or some part of July by next call (Boyer)
  • Provide BEIS3 technical documentation of the 2016 modeling (Vukovich)
  • Workgroup members are encouraged to review all MEGANv3 and BEIS3 documentation/results provided before this kickoff call and after the call (All WG members)

Next Call: Tues Feb 20, 2PM EST