Three-State Air Quality Study Technical Workshop



Colorado State University – Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)



October 31 – November 1, 2013

Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time


For those who can’t attend in person, use the following conference line

877-939-7952  200753#


Goal – Review and discuss schedule and deliverables to bring the 3SDW on-line and continuing work.




Thursday October 31st


8:30 AM     Welcome and introductions, agenda review and order lunches


8:45            Overview of updated schedule / deliverables related to ongoing 3SAQS technical work – Tom Moore


9:00            Summary of 2008 modeling work so far and path forward – Zac Adelman, UNC-IE


Ř  WestJumpAQMS Ozone and PM results for 3-State region

Ř  WestJumpAQMS CMAQ-CAMx comparison results

Ř  Reactivity Analysis results

Ř  Plan and timeline for  2008 3SAQS emissions modeling and air quality modeling base case            

·         Discuss recommendations on base case plans for 3SDW, need for 3SAQS Technical Workgroup to do detailed review of WestJumpAQMS modeling results


10:15          Break


10:30          2008-based emissions projection activities – Zac and Ralph Morris and ENVIRON colleagues


·         Discuss recommendations on 2008-based emission projections in 3SDW and further work, if needed


11:15          3SDW Operations - Zac & Shawn McClure, CIRA


Ř  Design and structure review

Ř  Tests and work since last Technical Committee meeting

Ř  Plans for 3SDW Modeling Use Case Tests (placeholder for posting outline)


~12:00 PM        Lunch on your own (for those of you not bringing your own lunch, we will have a “delivered sandwich” option that you can order and pay for a the beginning of the meeting)


12:30          3SDW Operations (ingestion, processing, metadata, tests, tools/displays, website), continued


·         Discuss recommendation for Use Case Tests

·         Discuss recommendations on content and level of functionality of 3SDW and timing of on-line start date for routine 3SDW version 1.0 operations


2:00            3SAQS Monitoring Network Assessment (methodology / work to date) – Till Stoeckenius, ENVIRON


3:00            Break


3:15            3SAQS Monitoring Network Assessment (implications and next steps) – Till and all


·         Discuss recommendations on technical work to complete Assessment


4:00            Status of 2011 NEI release by OAQPS – Zac Adelman


4:30            Day 1 Action items - Tom                                       


~5:00          Adjourn for the day


Friday November 1st


8:30 AM     Welcome and agenda review


8:35            WestJumpAQMS Lessons Learned and developing the 2011 3SAQS platform – Zac and Ralph


Ř  Lessons Learned from WestJumpAQMS to develop 3SAQS 2011 modeling platform

§  Review 3SAQS activities for 2011 modeling platform and projections

§  Identify applicability of lessons learned in WestJumpAQMS for 3SAQS 2011 Modeling Protocol development and review

§  Clarify expectations for 2013-14 3SAQS Data Warehouse emissions and modeling work


·         Discuss recommendation(s) on: 1) timing and process for 3SAQS Technical Committee to review 2011 modeling protocol – specifically 2011-based O&G emission projections (form a workgroup?), and 2) industry involvement in developing 2011-based projections 


9:30            3SAQS WRF Configuration Sensitivity Modeling & Evaluation - Jared Bowden & Aijun Xiu, UNC-IE and Bart Brashers & Robert Hahn, ENVIRON


·         Discuss recommendation on using configuration proposed by UNC/ENVIRON, and any further work (further work would require more resources)




10:45          Process on developing recommended Monitoring Network configuration:


Ř  3SAQS budget impacts to implement recommended Monitoring Network configuration – Mike George, NPS and cooperating agencies’ representatives

Ř  Next steps on recommending Monitoring Network configuration and budget to the Steering Committee and the Leadership Team – Tom and all


11:15          Initial outline and schedule of 2011 emissions and air quality modeling by 3SDW team (discuss and add plans and needs from cooperating agencies) – Zac and Tom


·         Recommendation by Technical Committee to develop and present a one-page summary for Steering Committee and Leadership Team


11:45          Review of schedules for 3SAQS and Data Warehouse activities, next Technical Committee workshop, Steering Committee, and Leadership Team meetings and calls – Tom


12:00          Adjourn workshop