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To:                                               Tom Moore

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Subject:                                     outreach for 2014 O&G EIs:  state/federal agency queries

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From: John Grant []
To: Tom Moore
Cc: Amnon Bar-Ilan
Subject: FW: 2014 O&G EIs: state/federal agency queries


August 29, 2015


Dear State and Tribal O&G emissions data providers -


As the IWDW-WAQS coordinator, I am working with Ramboll Environ to gather, analyze and process the 2014 oil and gas emissions data available from state and federal agencies to include in the 2014 WAQS oil and gas emissions inventory in the following states: CO, UT, WY, ND, SD, MT.  More information about the IWDW-WAQS is at: Ramboll Environ contacts for this O&G EI effort are John Grant and Amnon Bar-Ilan.


The immediate need for the IWDW-WAQS is to estimate 2014 base year O&G emissions in the Intermountain West region, so these data are ready to use in the next IWDW-WAQS modeling platform within the next 2-3 months.


The table below indicates each agency’s oil and gas emissions data that we would like to include in the IWDW-WAQS.  Agencies would need to provide midstream data for it to be included in the IWDW-WAQS.  If well-site data is not able to be provided, we would assess potential avenues for populating well-site emissions based on previous basin specific studies and to the extent feasible populate the well-site emissions data in the IWDW-WAQS.  Additional details about the data being requested can be found in the attached Word document. 


The schedule for populating the Data Warehouse in the near-term is fairly tight.  We are requesting provision of the emissions data by September 9, 2016.  Please feel free to contact John Grant ( or Amnon Bar-Ilan ( with any questions about this data request. 


I would be glad to organize a call with each agency or EPA office to discuss the requested data, if needed, especially if that will assist you in turning the data around quickly.  Please let me, John, and Amnon know.


Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you and best regards,


Tom Moore



Tom Moore, WRAP Air Quality Program Manager

Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR) | e: | o: 970.491.8837

Western Regional Air Partnership |


Cc:       John Grant

            Amnon Bar-Ilan 




Oil and Gas Emissions Data for inclusion in the 3SAQS Inventory





All sources

if available



All sources

if available



All sources



All sources

if available



All sources

if available



All sources

if available

EPA Region 9

UT (Navajo)

Title V source data

not expected

Minor source data

EPA Region 8

Tribal areas of CO, UT, WY, ND, SD, MT

Title V source data

not expected

Minor source data



John Grant


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Ramboll Environ

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