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Links to 2014 O&G EI Technical Memorandum and Emissions Summaries

Memorandum that outlines the data sources and calculation methodology used to develop the 2014 O&G point and nonpoint (area) source emissions for selected O&G basins in the Intermountain West:

Technical memo on EI (2MB)

Zip file with basin specific emission summaries and detailed emissions by county, SCC, and tribal designation:

O&G Emissions zip file – spreadsheet data (20MB)

The memo and data, which will be a critical input to the next regional modeling platform, are available for review by the representatives from the seven states and EPA R8 who provided inputs to Ramboll Environ in preparing the inventories. IWDW-WAQS Technical and Oversight Committee members are also invited to submit comments.

Comments are to be sent to John Grant ( and Tom Moore ( by Friday July 7th.