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2016-12-12 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: Dec. 12, 2016
Time: 11AM-noon MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837



  • Discussion of potential issues related to snow vs. no snow CAMx runs for WAQS 2011b modeling platform (with Ralph, Zac, Dennis)

Active Data Requests

Recent Projects:

  • 4519 - NPS/Pat Brewer; Point source emissions WAQS 2011b, comparisons to 2011v2 NEI - Authorized

  • 4490 - USFS/Bret Anderson [TBD]; Trinity/Christine Chambers; TCEQ PSD; MMIF Met. processing for CALPUFF - Cancelled

  • 4441 - Jinhyok Heo/Oliver Gao [Mike Barna]; Cornell/CMU; Organics PM health study; 2011b CAMx model ready inputs - update from MB

  • 4429 - Ralph Morris [Chad Meister]; ENVIRON/CO BLM; CARMMS 2.0; 2011b CAMx & CMAQ - periodic file deliveries from ENVIRON

  • 3410 - Dennis McNally [Leonard Herr]; Alpine/UT BLM; Crescent Pt. EIS; 2011b CAMx

Awaiting Steward:

  • none

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