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2016_1003 IWDW Operations

Date: Oct. 3, 2016
Time: 2:30-4:00pm MDT
Satellite Conference room


Recap 2016_0920 IWDW Operations

  1. Technical Committee meeting from 9-3 at CIRA on Oct. 11 – proposed topics:
    1. DW status
    2. DW monetization and cost recovery
    3. Monitoring network assessment methodology
    4. Updates to Data Use Agreement and Data Request page/procedures – needed?


IWDW Phase I Status.docx (updated)
WAQS Network Assessment - Outline.docx


Network assessment:

  • develop time frame; highlight differences from previous assessment (see meetings archive); estimate additional sites to cover AZ, OKT, MT, Dakotas; begin DV estimates with recent monitoring data for sites in WestJumpAQMS 4km domain - experiment with relaxing completeness criteria; outline strategy for addressing improved MPE (e.g. incorporation of new monitoring technologies) vs. representation of AQ.
  • objectives: make sure monitoring is done at consistent quality level (e.g states match EPA quality);
  • presentation to Tech. Comm: Show progression of 4km modeling domain; go through outline, pose questions; solicit workgroup - set 1st call (WG will develop recommendations on cost sharing by end of 2016 in anticipation of upcoming OC and GB meetings); request recent assessments by states


  • discussion on cost recovery table; data request UI updates;
  • Updated IWDW Phase I status doc. linked above for team review prior to 10/11 Tech. Comm. meeting

Action Items

  • Rodger - make Network Assessment ppt with timeline, outline, and WG and State requests.

  • Dustin - create maps showing progression of 4km modeling domain (WestJumpAQMS; 3SAQS; WAQS); identify additional monitoring sites in expanded network

  • Shawn - rework cost recovery table

  • Dustin - create mockup of revised Data Request UI with NEPA guidance link, additional button for 'AQ Planning/Other' requests, add DU and NEPA headers

  • Rodger - write text for revised Data Request headers

  • Rodger - wrap up IWDW Phase I status doc.