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2016-02-03 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: Feb. 3, 2016
Time: 11am-noon MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837




Ryan, Kevin, Gail, Mike G., Tom, Dustin, Shawn, Rodger

Recap of previous call

Active Data Requests

1. #3382 - Meteorological model performance evaluation at Class 1&2 areas in the Western U.S
  • Request for 2011 WRF
  • Point out analyses that have already been done on met modeling, e.g. winter O3 met, etc.
  • Authorized
  • requestor added this request to previous project ID#7 with MB as Steward

2. #3389 - API Source Apportionment Display Study

  • Authorized - Gail Steward
  • request indicates 2011b base CAMx output, project calls for 2011a
  • request is asking for data before it is available on DW. Ask Ralph for spreadsheets to vet by Tech. Comm. prior to presenting to public at Feb 25 meeting.

3. #3391 - CMAQ modeling for the FRAPPE and DISCOVER-AQ 2014 campaign

  • Project builds on previous EPA data requests for the 2011a emissions QA and WRF input file. No new data is being requested as part of this project.
  • Will engage EPA ORD on preliminary modeling for the 2014 DISCOVER-AQ/FRAPPE field campaign.
  • Authorized - Gail Steward

Other Items

  • Kevin noted that the Capps/Milford project (#2237) to modify 2008b CAMx inputs for CMAQ did not work out well, and the requestors may revise their original request and ask for 2011b inputs.

  • Tom suggested inviting Capps/Milford to a IWDW-WAQS Technical Committee meeting to present their project/results.

Action Items

  • Rodger will follow up with RM to obtain R1 SA spreadsheets and post to DW for Tech. Comm. review.
  • Rodger/Dustin create projects and send request authorizations to Stewards
  • Next call Mar. 10, 10:30am MST