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2016_0204 dw operations

Date: Feb. 4, 2016
Time: 3:00-4:00pm MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from the previous call

2. Data request overview

3. Modeling platforms

4. Tool development

  • Update from Tools workgroup call
  • MPE plot browser
  • Model-to-obs
  • Emissions GIS - demos
    • Counties colored by selected parameter magnitude: demo
    • Pie chart w/ drilldown State/County -> Source Category - > SCC: demo

5. Follow up on CARMMS/Mancos Shale discussions

6. Other items


Pending action items

  • Zac - NEI based O&G basins wiki
  • Shawn - get verdict from ACNS on ports for Globus: now word yet
  • Shawn - finish mods to MPE plot browser: adding sort and filter to table
  • Shawn - import 2011b model-to-obs datasets: will focus on using obs db; Zac will send files for UT, WY, CO special studies that are not in obs db.
  • Rodger/Tom - solicit input for Procedures doc.
  • Ralph - Modeling platform spec sheets

Follow up on API request for R1 SA spreadsheets

IWDW will post spreadsheets and make them available to Tech. Comm. for review. API has cited these in comments.

Ralph indicated Environ should be able to get the 2011a SA visualization tool, including the virtual receptor grid, to the DW next week.

File Transfers

/data3/Base 2011b: AQ/CAMx/output/ transfer complete (check files); CMAQ only JD001 so far

/data2/ Base 2011b: AMET; AQ/CAMx/inputs/icbc/; EMIS/inputs; EMIS/CAMx; EMIS/CAMx/premerged; EMIS/software; MET/WinterO3/WRF; MET/WinterO3/plots

Benchmark packages are pending - Zac is working on emissions processing; long list of things to do given Mohamed's situation. Tom indicated deliverable dates are flexible; Zac pointed out funding is not.

2011b Future case wiki

Zac showed new emissions wiki. Pollutant tile plots for jan. (amp-area, point, mobile) with narrative that includes links to plots helping describe base to future changes and showing increase in pollutant for O&G sectors. Increases in offshore NOx near LA were suspicious, possibly result of strange allocations in Base 2011b c1, c2 vessels.

Zac will continue to build out narratives for other pollutants, possibly add other seasons. Send note to Tech. Comm. when wiki is completed.

Tom suggested adding discussion or table indicating how changes are reflected in NEI vs WAQS emissions. Tom/Rodger/Zac collaborate on intro narrative...

Tool development

Rodger and Zac will take a cut at adding links on MPE 'summary' checklist to DW tools.

Other tools, including emissions GIS demos, are available for review.

External datasets

Ralph mentioned Continental Divide - Crestone EIS (2006 based) may be headed for DW. Comments on only adopting modeling platforms for DW tools going forward (e.g. with 2011 and subsequent datasets specify processing protocol to generate necessary output formats such as county level SMOKE reports and model-to-obs pairings) and serve as a 'repository' for older platforms.

Action Items

  • Ralph - Coordinate transfer of R1 SA visualization tool and db to CIRA
  • Rodger – send link to Tech. Comm. for SA spreadsheets
  • Zac - continue to build out narratives in 2011b Future emissions wiki
  • Rodger/Zac - collaborate on MPE checklist links