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2015-09-11 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: Sept. 11, 2015
Time: 11-12:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837



Recap of Aug. 6 call

Review Comments on Data Use Agreement

  • Disclaimer - "The opinions from this study do not reflect the opinions of the WAQS Cooperators."
  • Disclaimer - "Requester assumes ownership of transformed data, and will make an effort to identify to whom they have provided transformed data."

  • Acknowledgement - “We acknowledge the Intermountain West Data Warehouse - Western Air Quality Study (IWDW - WAQS) for producing and making available their model output"

  • How to cite - Author/Rightsholder. (Year). Title of data set (Version number) [Description of files]. Retrieved from http:// [download date]
    • Example: Intermountain West Data Warehouse - Western Air Quality Study (IWDW-WAQS) (2015). 2011b CAMx Modeling Platform [Specific data files]. Retrieved from on [date of request authorization]

Review pending data requests

  • ID 3282 (ENVIRON/RAQC - 2008b, 2008b_2020, 2011a)
  • ID 3297 (AECOM/EPA - 2008b CAMx source)
  • 3309 (EPA - 2011a Met
  • ID 80 (status)
  • ID 3288 (status)


  • Discussion of comments on IWDW-WAQS Data Use Agreement received by Stewards group. It is noted that MG encouraged keeping language as simple as possible so as to encourage use of DW. KB suggested adding language covering data uploads to DW; The group agreed that such language could be added at a future time as necessary to accommodate incoming data. Following a brief discussion, the text of the updated agreement was approved.

  • Request #3282. Keep TM as Steward on this project. Little further DW action is required because ENVIRON already has data.
  • #80 TT will use EPA's 03 transport modeling platform - we will ask Tammy for an update and to possibly cancel DW request
  1. 3309 request 2011 WRF input files and geogrid files for the 12 km and 4 km domains - Gail Steward
  2. 3297 request for approval for alternate use of data already provided to contractor - Gail Steward.
  3. 3288 filling - see notes

Action Items

  • Rodger will finalize and post revised Data Use agreement. Send copy to Cooperators, and inform individuals who made previous requests to DW.