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2015_0721 DW Operations

Date: July 21, 2015
Time: 2:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from last call 2015_0715 DW Operations

2. Prep for 7/23 Tech. Committee meeting

Technical Committee call agenda topics

Data Warehouse

  • Data Requests’ status and Data Stewards oversight role/process
  • Emissions Review Tool demo
  • Future DW Tools working group call – identify interest level and whom
  • Changes to Documents and wiki pages on DW


  • Model Performance Evaluation document
  • MOVES 2014 sensitivity
  • Winter O3 sensitivities (emissions and layers)
  • Boundary Condition Sensitivity
  • 2011b emissions and preliminary CAMx results
  • 2011 source apportionment modeling update
  • 2014prelim modeling plan (Zac)

DW to do list:

  • Update Studies and Home page
  • Wiki index WAQS Wiki
  • 3SAQS to WAQS; 3SDW to IDW search and replace
  • other...

Wrap Up

The group review the agenda for the upcoming Tech. Committee call.

Action Items

(carried over from 7-15)
  • Dustin - include readme docs as part of respective platform download file structure
  • Zac - provide metadata roll-up tables for ER tool - DONE
  • DW team - draft list of style modifications for ER tool
  • Rodger - float DW tool demo webinar at Tech. Committee meeting
  • DW team - general website acronym search and replace - DONE?
    3SAQS to WAQS
    3SDW, WAQDW to IDW
  • Shawn - change DW base url from /tsdw/ to /idw/
  • Zac - send 2011 WRF met on disks to CIRA
  • Shawn/Rodger - draft para on why CIRA should be involved in review of 2014 modeling RFP