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2015-07-09 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

Date: July 9, 2015
Time: 10-11:30am MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837
Webinar link:


1.       Stewards concept (what does a Steward do…)

2.       Data request procedure (project lifecycle in the DW)

3.       Status of data requests in the DW

4.       Identify project requirements (supporting documentation, etc.) and likely Stewards for pending projects.


Attendees: Gail T., Ryan M., Mike G., Kevin B. Mike B., Tom M. & Rodger A.


Rodger & Tom gave a recap of the Project Stewards concept and introduced a proposed additions to the Steward's definition as outlined in this document, and summarized here:

Draft Additions

  • Flexible but limited number of Stewards

  • Regular, approximately monthly, calls to interact with DW team

  • Advise and provide oversight to DW team on prioritizing fulfillment of data requests

  • Evaluate applicability and utility of external projects, i.e., those not directly requested by a Cooperating Agency

  • Provide feedback on DW data request fulfillment process, content, and ongoing level of effort to Technical and Oversight Committees, as needed

Data Requests

The group went on to review pending data requests using the status page in link #3, above. Discussion and action for each request is summarized by the request ID.

Request #1190

Request for 2011a base case emissions. User proposes to transform emissions for WRF-CHEM grid. The group expressed concern that transformed files such as these could be be shared with external project members, and that these transformed files would be identified as 'WAQS' files. The group recommended revisions to the DW Data Use Agreement to include a disclaimer regarding appropriate identification of ownership of transformed data, and that the data user make an effort to identify to whom they provide such transformed datasets. Note that the requestor referred to requested data as "WESTAR emissions". Should clarify that the original emissions data are "WAQS emissions".

  • Gail T. agreed to act a Steward for this project.

Request 1221

Request for full 2008b base and future year platform with intended use in FLAG AQRVs and other Fed. Regs.

  • Mike B agreed to act as Steward.

Request 80

Request for 2008b future case platform with intended use to estimate potential VOC reductions from CATF proposed methane controls across the WAQS 12km modeling domain. There was a discussion on the possible implications of the study's results for areas outside CO. The recommendation was made that any reports or publications resulting from this work include a disclaimer that the opinions from the study do not reflect the opinions of the 3S Cooperators. Note that the requestor referred to requested platform as "WRAP modeling episodes". Should clarify that the platform originates from the "WAQS".

  • Kevin B. agreed to act as Steward for this Project.

Request 1213

Request for 2011a WRF meteorology. User will run MMIF to allow model ready datasets for CALPUFF and AERMOD. The group supported BLM's use of WAQS modeling inputs.

  • Tom M. agreed to act as Steward

Request 1200

Request for 2008b base and future year platforms. User proposes to build a VOC inventory for marijuana cultivation operations in CO, and explore VOC impacts for this emission source category. A majority of the group thought this request was a joke. Nonetheless, it was agreed that the DW should honor such requests, despite possible scientific frivolity.

  • Mike B. agreed to act as Steward

Action items

  • Rodger will send out Doodle Poll to set up next "Stewards" call for week of Aug 9.
  • A portion of the next meeting will be set aside to review the DW Data Use Agreement.