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2015-06-02 IWDW-WAQS Project Stewards

****June 2, 2015
2:30PM MDT
Call in 800-768-2983, access code 2092


1.       Project Steward concept

  • Definition
  • Monthly “Steward” calls

2.       Proposed responsibilities for Project Stewards

  • NEPA vs Research/Other projects
  • Project life cycle (Project initiation – oversight – completion)

3.       Data Request inventory

  • Direct interest (initiated by someone form 3SAQS Cooperating agency)
  • Other (requestor not affiliated with 3SAQS Cooperator)
  • Incomplete (Insufficient supporting documentation)


1.       Project and Data Request overview
2.       Online Data Request Status page

Talking points:

  • Technical oversight – assist DW and regional modeling team members to effectively do their jobs based on expert insight
  • Provide recommendations and suggested direction to DW and regional modeling team members
  • Stewards will focus on 3 types of projects/data requests
  • Status of approved/active/completed data requests
  • Address new data requests by identifying the steward and recommending sufficient clarity of purpose and complete documentation
  • Review incomplete request and recommend next steps for DW team members, if any
  • Brief Technical Committee and Oversight Committee at their periodic meetings
  • Not explicitly focused on model performance or improvement, but throughput and cycling for DW and regional modeling team


Attendees: Gail, Charis, Mike G., Mike B., Tom, Rodger

RA & TM walked group through agenda and talking points. Dustin gave a demo of the online data request status page.


General: Stewards group needs to prioritize requests that belong to 3State project

Further clarification on role of Steward: Steward is not responsible for MPE (of requested platform or resulting modeling study); not sponsor, or owner, or approver of requestor's work.

MB: What if science and/or technical merits are not valid use of data? Need to ask if request represents interests of cooperating agencies. In rare cases, request might be kicked up to oversight committee.

MG: Don't want to put any Stewards on "hook" for modeling study that uses WAQS data. Ultimately DW will approve all requests. Need to put means in place to identify and track issues.

DS: May want to add "endorsement" step to project lifecycle

MB: Steward "facilitates movement" of data through DW. Is not endorsee.

CT: In case of NEPA request, Project Sponsor = Steward. For non-NEPA, Stewards group will assign project steward.

TM: When states like UT, NM submit requests for NEPA projects, group will invite potential Stewards from those agencies.

MB: Can I be my own sponsor & steward? Stewards group will review.

General: DW needs to come up with a way to add other users/studies (e.g. non-NEPA, non-research) using modeling platforms. Augment project descriptions

MB: How do we "collect" data (after a modeling study that uses DW data is complete)?

GT: we may not want all results back in DW.

MG: Receiving data should be a team effort. And we may not want too much (returned to DW).

Technical: Steward will be tied into automatic email notifications for project to which they are assigned.

Add categories to file descriptions in Data Request overview form.

Action items

Rodger will send out Doodle Poll to set up next "Stewards" meeting