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November 1, 2023 14:00 Eastern

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Inventory Collaborative Development Plan

National Emissions Collaborative Quarterly Update for the 2022 Emissions Modeling Platform
Wednesday, November 1 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

Presentation Materials

Download the webinar slides

Presentation partial recording


This webinar will provide an update of the National Emissions Collaborative process for developing the 2022 emissions modeling platform (EMP). Presentations on the 2022 EMP development and communications plans will provide information on the approaches that the Collaborative will use to review emissions data, and to communicate the review process to air quality planners at state/local/tribal environmental regulatory agencies. US EPA will present a new web-based tool for accessing tabulate emissions for the 2020 NEI. US EPA will issue and describe requests for emissions data to be used in the 2022 EMP. LADCO will announce a webinar for how they are approaching the 2020 NEI and 2022 EMP review process. And the webinar will wrap up with a review of key upcoming dates, and with an open Q&A/discussion.

All air quality planning stakeholders are invited to join the webinar.


  • 2022 EMP development plan
  • Communications Plan and deadlines/milestones for 2022 EMP development and review
  • The 2020 NEI data review tool and development of the 2022 EMP data review tool
  • Requests for activity data and data review
  • LADCO 2022 EMP review approach webinar
  • Schedule reminders
  • Questions and input

Next Call

February 7, 2024 @ 2 Eastern