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2015_0331 DW Operations

Date: March 31, 2015
Time:2:30pm MST
Call in: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from March 17 call.

2. Re-cap from Feb. 25 Tech. Committee Meeting

  • EPA checklist
  • 2011a & 2011a2 resources and availability on DW
  • anything else...

3. Additions to Wiki

  1. Comments: point links to doc to DW documents page (ensure most recent doc is referenced); add link to TOC for wiki entries further up processing chain (or see wiki entries in table below); explain evaluation rankings in Table

4. DW website development

  • Data Request UI (idea of having "submitted" requests initiate a new project once the request is "approved")
  • Image Browser link (UI and tool layout, functionality, etc.)
  • Other high priority tools under development

5. Data Request status

6. Other DW projects (work we want to keep track of, but don't necessarily need to rehash during every call)

  • ARMS platform
  • O&G workgroup page
  • ENVIRON SA tool
  • In house tool development
  • Model-to-obs tool
  • Emissions browser

Wrap Up

Attendes: Ralph, Shawn, Dustin, Zac, Rodger
Call Duration: 1hr 10min

  • 2011a Modeling Platform:
    The DW will support multiple scenarios of the 2011a platform, rather than produce a 2011a2 platform. Zac's 2011a Modeling Platform Description Wiki entry provides an overview of options that are currently available, or are planned for release, for the 2011a platform. The table provides a template for populating Dustin's categories (that support the DW Data Request form) with 2011a platform options.
    Zac will add Add row in 2011a Modeling Platform Description Table for MPE, Reports, & Obs. Data. Also fill in blank fields in notes/references column.
    Some planned sensitivity runs are not included in the Table, for example a Hybrid CMAQ which will be run for a couple months of the 2011 modeling year, and a 4th BC scenario using AM3.
    Contents of the table currently on viking and available to users include modeling software, emissions data, met data, MOZART and GEOS-Chem ICBCs, Other input data, and PGM output for CAMx Base11a_MZBC.
    There was discussion on the meaning of the evaluation number currently in the table. The group will wait to hear more on this from Tom. Some suggestion on the Table in general were to include status flags to show data availability, and perhaps descriptive levels of performance evaluation, etc.

  • Data Request UI:
    Dustin's latest version is currently published. Migration of approved direct requests to new projects, if we choose to do so, can be done manually on a case by case basis.

  • DW tool development:
    Image Browser (Published on production site)
    Ongoing discussion on arrangement of physical files on viking ftp server. Currently ftp user account with full access privileges is assigned to image directories.
    Modifications to the image browser tool could require additional metadata assigned to plots or plot types. Expanding the system's knowledge of the plot's metadata beyond individual filenames could allow for auto population of the for select boxes, and therefore more rapid loading of the browser UI, and allow for expanded features, such as "logical" side by side plot comparisons. Dustin's category system could be used for assembling and organizing plot metadata.
    The DW Team will continue to discuss the evolution of the image browser tool.

    Reports page (Published on production site. Not currently linked to from DW website pages)

    Dustin's GIS tool (Corrected for local time zones. Published on development site)

  • Data Request Status
    Email notifications are in place for the data request system. Rodger and Dustin & Tom will follow up with moving any submitted request through approval and fulfillment.

Description Table: Possibly add contact information for individual platform components. Since most contacts would come to DW Team, a list serve could be employed to handle generic requests.

Action Items

  1. Rodger - Revise Data Request overview to include data request approval criteria. Done Project and Data Request Overview
  2. Zac - Add row in 2011a Modeling Platform Description Table for MPE, Reports, & Obs. Data. Also fill in blank fields in notes/references column. - DONE 2011a modeling platform
  3. Shawn - sort out remaining issues with implementing email notification on the DW forums. - DONE
  4. Dustin - create prototype categories that include revised modeling platform components
  5. Dustin - experiment with transfer of road kill wiki contents to Media Wiki
  6. Shawn/Dustin - follow up with transfer of Environ SA tool code base to DW - DONE
  7. Tom/Rodger/Dustin - follow up on DW data requests