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2011 Base A Errata

  • April 3, 2015 - The 3SAQS 2011a 36km ALM premerged emissions data archive was found to be unreadable. File replaced on Viking by Z. Adelman:
  • September 2015 - The MOVES2010b NO emissions were speciated with a molecular weight of 30 g/mol; they should have been normalized with the NO2 molecular weight of 46 g/mol. The result was an overestimate of the NO emissions from onroad sources of 35%, or a total (all sources) NO emissions overestimate of 12-18%. We created a new set of emissions called Base11a2 that include a correction to the NO speciation. The Base11a2 emissions data should be used for modeling studies based on the 2011a modeling platform.
  • October 2015 - The 2011a CMAQ-ready 4-km emissions included seasalt SO4 (but not NA or CL). As CMAQ is typically run with inline seasalt emissions, there is a risk of double counting seasalt SO4. A new version of the CMAQ emissions files (Base11a2_noSS) includes the MOVES NO correction described above and the removal of the seasalt SO4.