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2015_0203 DW Operations

Date: Feb. 3, 2015 2:30pm MST

Time: 1-866-398-2885 and access code 747721


1. Review action items from 1/20/15 DW ops. meeting

2. Review text modifications for Data Request page.

3. ARMS modeling platform on DW. (Leonard Herr - BLM; Courtney Taylor - AECOM)

  • metadata requirements for creating new "upload" project
  • hardware requirements
  • integration with visualization tools

4. Update on new tools

  • FTP client
  • TFS wiki
  • model-to-obs tool
  • emissions review tool

5. National O&G Workgroup repository web page

6. AOB

Wrap Up

Attendees: Zac, Ralph, Dustin, Shawn, Rodger

Call duration: 1hr 10min.

1. Follow up on action items from last meeting:

  • Zac will create wiki on 2008b 36km WRF precipitation anomaly.
  • Tom will update Data Use Agreement
  • Ralph/Zac have sent CIRA group chemical species mappings
  • Dustin continues work on updating user input fields for the Data Request form.
  • Rodger continues work w/ Tom on developing the O&G web repository
  • Shawn will follow up on migration of ENVIRON SA tool code base to DW

General discussion:

  • Internal transfer of modeling platforms: Zac is loading the 2011a CAMx platform on external disks and sending to ENVIRON. ENVIRON will forward the disks to CIRA. Disk transfers are being logged on the "disk tracker" wiki.

  • Emissions documentation: Zac is preparing a Draft Emissions Modeling report - an extension of the emissions comparison memo.

  • Mappings of chemical species from model to obs: Appendix to 2011 MPE contains mappings f(note CB5 vs CB6 specific mappings, CAMx vs CMAQ mappings). During the meeting, Zac sent text file with mappings to group. Shawn will try and incorporate these into the metadata lookup tool.

2. Data request interface:

  • The group approved the revisions to the Data Request interface that Rodger prepared. Dustin has since made some modifications to the document, including a general input field for non-modeling study requests. The current working draft for the Data Request interface is now included in Agenda item 2, above.

3. ARMS modeling platform:

  • Rodger will follow up with AECOM to determine physical aspects of the ARMS platform, such as file types, size, etc. The DW development team will need to consider storage capacity, allocation of files to external storage and to the relational db to serve dynamic tools, and server storage to serve users who may want to browse and submit data requests from the ARMS platform (E.g. Alpine may want to obtain the platform for work in the Uinta Basin).

4. Update on DW tool development:

  • FTP & TCP client tools: Dustin has been experimenting with transfer (upload and download) speeds using client tools developed in python. Current FTP transfer speeds are 2Mb/s, which is slow given CIRA's infrastructure. The general goal of this work is to make ftp "work like it should". Shawn and Zac have looked into this issue in the past and will forward their discussions to Dustin. Their general conclusion is that there are network restrictions that limit transfer speeds. Shawn will talk to the CSU network director to determine if there is a way to allow faster transfer speeds through the network.

  • TFS: Dustin implemented TFS (see wiki entry in Agenda item #4, above), which is a huge step forward for team development in the CIRA group.

  • Model-to-obs & emissions review tools: Shawn adapted these tools for the WAQDW and provided demo links (see above). The group will review these, as well as the key plot types used for MPE and analysis, and identify high priority output items (for example, the ability for users to drill down below the state and county level) for the dynamic tools. Comments on these tools will be consolidated on the analysis products wiki. Rodger will incorporate these comments into the visualization tool planning document. Shawn also mentioned previous design documents (from Bret and ARD) that he could share to help guide the vis. tool planning process.

Action Items

  • Zac - create wiki on 2008b 36km WRF precipitation anomaly. Done
  • Tom - update Data Use Agreement
  • Dustin/Group - continue work on updating user input fields for the Data Request form.
  • Rodger - continue work w/ Tom on O&G web repository
  • Shawn - follow up with ENVIRON on migration of their SA tool code base to DW
  • Group - review and submit comments to analysis products wiki