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2015_0929 DW Operations

Date: Sept. 29, 2015
Time: 2:30pm MDT
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from 2015_0911 DW Operations

2. Tech. Comm. follow up

  • Tools sub-group
  • display recent updates to IWDW web content
  • web page updates - about page: procedures, citation info, etc.
  • ...

3. Issue Tracking

4. File transfers to DW

  • 2008b plots
  • 2011b emissions inputs
  • 2011b CMAQ

5. TFS update

Wrap Up

1. Action items from 9/11: Zac updated winter O3 modeling and provided a link to met document. 2. Tech comm. follow up:
About page will include IWDW procedures, Project background, Study and its evolution, Studies page, list of participating agency representation on Governing Board & Oversight Comm.
Dustin and Rodger will look into adding a "recent updates" section to the DW website.
Group discussed Cooperator representation on Tools workgroup, and possible 3. Reviewed items on the IWDW issue tracker. Item #34 generated discussion on how to provide relevant modeling products file level metadata. Group will look into providing metadata for O&G sectors of SMOKE output files (generated possibly from scans SMOKE report files) and generating linkage between source/county/speciation profile ID -> speciation profile. Addition of these metadata will initially be as a wiki entry titled "O&G emissions models". 4. File transfers:
2008b plots
2011b emissions inputs
2011a CMAQ

Action Items

  • Ralph - 2011b CMAx and CMAQ spec sheets
  • Zac - 2011a/b benchmark packages
  • Zac - Create "O&G emissions models" wiki
  • Rodger - add updated data use agreement to production (considerations for how to apply retroactively to previous requests)
  • Rodger - draft about page and procedures doc