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2016 Emissions Modeling Platform Wiki


This Wiki is for use by the members of the Inventory Collaborative to facilitate communication and documentation of their activities on the development of emissions data for use in air quality planning modeling.

What is the Inventory Collaborative

The Inventory Collaborative is a partnership between state emissions inventory staff, multi-jurisdictional organizations (MJOs), federal land managers (FLMs), EPA, and others to develop an emissions modeling platform for use in air quality planning. The Collaborative is structured around workgroups organized by emissions inventory sectors (see Workgroups list below). The workgroups will work independently and in parallel on the inventory sectors in pursuit of the creation of 2016 base year and future year emissions inventories for air quality modeling. A coordination workgroup will provide logistical support and facilitation to the sector workgroups as they move toward the goal of well-documented model-ready emissions for use in air quality planning. Additional details of the Collaborative are available in the Inventory Collaborative Development Plan.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is basically a website that can be edited by users through a web browser. Wikis allow users of the site to easily add content using simple text editing tools. Where traditional websites require more sophisticated coding and content interfaces, a wiki has a low barrier for users to get in and create content.

Why a Wiki for the Inventory Collaborative?

Anyone with access to the Web via a browser can see and edit wiki content. As some of the states involved in the Collaborative have expressed concerns about access to G-Suite (Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.), this wiki is a way to facilitate access to content by anyone.

How to use this Wiki


The co-leads of the Collaborative workgroups will be given write access to the wiki so that they can add content. Everyone will have read access. Additional write access can be granted by request to the Collaborative coordination committee co-leads.


Each workgroup has a base wiki page (see Workgroups section below). These pages should be used by the workgroup co-leads to record/document:

  • minutes from workgroup meetings
  • milestones in the inventory development process
  • key issues and action items that arise during the workgroup meetings
  • summary plots or figures that display important information about the products from the workgroup

Along with giving the workgroups an easy-to-access content management system for documenting their work, this wiki is intended to allow people outside of each workgroup to track progress across the Inventory Collaborative.

Quick Tutorial

This wiki uses a syntax called Creole. Once you're logged into the wiki (top right of page), there is an icon to the left above the content part of the page that looks like a pencil. When you click on this icon you'll enter the edit content interface."

Edit "width"=10>Content Screenshot

How to use the Collaborative Google Drive


Inventory Collaborative Google Drive

Inventory Collaborative Development Plan

Workgroup membership and co-leads

Collaborative Participation Survey

Example Workgroup Charges: EGU | Nonpoint

Specification Sheet (Workgroup Documentation) Template

2014-2016 Base Year Selection: Report | PPT







Non-EGU Point



Oil and Gas



Canada & Mexico