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2016_0216 dw operations

Date: Feb. 16, 2016
Time: 2:30-3:30pm MST
Call in: 1-800-768-2983 and access code 4918837


1. Action items from the previous call

2. Data request overview

  • no new data requests

3. Modeling platforms

  • 2011b Base transfer update
  • 2011b Future modeling
  • 2011b Future wiki - send announcement to Cooperators?

4. Tool development

  • MPE checklist - add links to IWDW resources
  • Add PGM output MPE stats table as IWDW resource/tool...
  • Add source category and SCC filtering on spatial emissions GIS prototype...

5. Other items

  • update on AMET configuration at CIRA


Previous action items

  • Ralph said R1 SA visualization tool and db will be transferred to CIRA this week. Shawn Halliday and Dustin will coordinate.
  • Rodger sent link to Tech. Comm. for SA spreadsheets hosted on IWDW - Environ will update spreadsheets based on feedback from Gail and the updated sheets will be posted on the IWDW.
  • Zac continued to build out narratives in 2011b Future emissions wiki. 36km narratives are complete, and he has some work remaining on the 12 and 4km pages. Zac will let Rodger know when these are done and RA will inform Cooperators
  • Rodger/Zac collaborated on MPE checklist and linking specified graphical products to resources on the IWDW. Rodger will complete the list and sent to Rebecca and Tools workgroup for review.

Modeling platforms

  • Zac will clean up 2011b Base CAMx output files; restart CMAQ output transfer
  • Zac will let Rodger know when he is finished with 12 and 4km wiki entries for 2011b Future Case emissions modeling; Rodger will send out note to Cooperators to let them know wiki is available and emissions modeling is complete.

Data requests

  • no new data request since the last meeting

Tool development

  • Rodger and Zac met to identify graphical MPE products on the IWDW. Most products are currently available on either the plot browser, wiki, or IWDW ERT or model-to-obs tool. An outcome will be a version of the checklist that "indexes" related resources on the IWDW. A couple feature enhancements were also identified that could be developed without too much effort.
  1. One was addition of tabular "outstat" files with model-to-obs metrics. These are calculated as monthly averages of MPE metrics across the 4 and 12km domain, or by States within those domains, using site specific AMET output files. Shawn will look into creating a sortable table based on the outstat files containing the domain and state averaged metrics.
  2. The second was adding source category and SCC filtering to Dustin's spatial emissions GIS prototype. This would mimic the drill down capabilities of the current ERT, however provide a spatial display of emissions magnitude for a given selection. Dustin will look into making these modifications.

  • Rodger will work to make an HTML version of the indexed checklist. The intent will be to identify and describe IWDW resources across available modeling platforms.

Other items

  • Dustin gave an update on configuring AMET at CIRA. . He was able to configure and run AMET on a virtual machine running Linux. He will compare AMET output generated from model-to-obs pairings provided by UNC-IE. His next step is to generate pairings using compare in the local AMET package. He also helped configure a Linux VM with the AMET environment on Rodger's desktop machine. A key to Dustin's success was using Ansible to store AMET configuration settings. He offered to share the Ansible configuration with Zac to help with Zac's AMET trainings via CMAS.

  • Ralph reiterated a decision from the modeling workgroup to use the IWDW as a repository for historical modeling studies (e.g BLM sponsored studies like Crestone, CARMMS/Mancos Shale which use pre 2011 inputs). Such studies will reside in the IWDW archives and be made available via data requests on external disks. Going forward, for modeling studies that use 2011 based data (and subsequent platforms), the IWDW will provide processing specifications so that data (such as county level emissions inventories) can be displayed in IWDW tools (e.g. ERT and model-to-obs).

Action Items

  • Zac - let group know when 2011b FUtureFuture emissions wiki is complete and RA will send note to Cooperators

  • Rodger - send draft of MPE checklist with IWDW links to Rebecca and Tools workgroup -DONE (waiting for feedback from RM)

  • Shawn - develop prototype for tabular display of MPE statistics - DONE

  • Dustin - modify spatial emissions GIS prototype to include emissions category and SCC selection

  • Rodger - draft procedures for modeling platform processing; AMET configuration

  • Dustin - coordinate transfer of R-E SA visualization tool with SH - DONE